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Friday, June 2, 2017

Climate Paradigm Effect

I used to do management consulting. Among our tools was a video produced by a company called Future Edge run by futurist Joel Barker.  In it he examined missed opportunities in the business world that were due to people being locked into existing patterns of thought and behavior that caused an inability to see new opportunities as they emerged. He called it the Paradigm Effect. New ideas that challenged the existing orthodoxy sometimes caused physical discomfort and had to be discarded. You might also call it the Galileo Effect.

In science this can lead to exclusion of meaningful data points as outliers. In climate science this may explain why computer models and observable data diverge and so few are willing to question the 'consensus'. Indeed to do so can lead to being ostracized and ridiculed. A global consensus of scientists, government officials, and ordinary people are shouting in unison that we must 'save the planet' in their words. A large number of these people have no idea if that's the case of course but are repeating what they heard.

Yet a small minority has also examined the underlying data collected by various means and found some disturbing details. Across the scientific and government community data that doesn't support the prevailing theory is being manipulated or discarded altogether. It would be easy to assign a sinister reason for it, and there may be some of that, but more likely we're dealing with the Paradigm Effect.

The story Barker likes to tell is about the Swiss watch making industry of the 20th century. You know who invented the quartz movement, he asks? The Swiss. But they couldn't fathom that it had any value. It had no gears, didn't need to be wound, and in fact the early ones were clunky and required two hands to operate (kind of like the Watch from Apple :). So they didn't even protect the patent. The Japanese picked up the idea and the rest is history.

It's hard to break through an existing paradigm. And sometimes the cost of failing to do so is enormous.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solution to a Government Out of Control

This federal government has become so bloated and intrusive over the past 20-30 years as to be oppressive. It has overstepped its bounds and is outside the U.S. Constitution that created it. It is largely staffed by parasites and criminals.

We have seen recently the rampant corruption that has allowed elected officials to enrich themselves with inside information that would have jailed the rest of us. They control every aspect of our lives while exempting themselves from the laws we have to abide by. The leaders of both parties in both houses of COngress have been caught with the hands in the cookie jar. And they yawned.

They gave themselves free health insurance and hefty pensions for working less than the rest of us and excluded themselves from the new healthcare laws. The only place where average incomes and home values INCREASED during the recession was Washington D.C. and Virginia counties near it.

They declared our very exhale to be a pollutant and took over-the-counter inhalers away from asthma sufferers. They banned the light-bulb and then tried to make us believe they reversed that AFTER the last domestic light-bulb factory had closed.

They send our tax dollars to Pakistan, Syria, Libya and Egypt where the governments foment hatred against us and our allies. They fund 75% of the criminally corrupt UN where anti-Americanism is the ideology of the day.

They claim it is legal to kill American citizens when they declare them to be terrorists and now say they can detain Americans without habeas corpus. We fought a revolution for that right.

They sell sophisticated weapons to countries that will use them against us but prosecute you of you open a farm stand and sell vegetables to your neighbors.

They feign disagreement on fundamental issues like taxes, spending, abortion, and homosexual rights in order to secure massive campaign contributions from the gullible who think they actually care. They redistrict themselves into perpetual reelection even as their approval ratings as a group drop below 10%.

They argue over the defense of our country while ignoring the unguarded borders here and patrol them in countries most Americans couldn't find on a map. They confuse defense spending with security to prop up a wasteful set of programs in their own districts.

They use education spending as a moral weapon against their opponents while dropout rates increase and the country falls further behind the world.

For these reasons and many many more, I believe simply picking the next-in-line candidate for President will not due. Even the leftist, Marxist, antiwar, community organizer couldn't change the course in Washington or beyond. The only candidate who is talking real and dramatic change, a drain-the-swamp-and-start-over transformative candidate is Ron Paul. The establishment, both parties and the media are scared to death of this guy. They should be.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Benevolent Liberals" Hurting the Disabled of San Francisco

OK. I started out with an oxymoron - benevolent liberals. But typically, those of the so-called progressive ilk like to call us conservatives mean spirited - don't care about the poor, women, minorities, blah, blah blah.

So the last place you'd expect one of us minorities to get a hard time is one of liberaldom's capital cities, San Francisco.

But there I was trying to get a flight home on unnamed airline that departs from the International Terminal. The first thing this disabled person noticed was there is no curbside check-in. And the walk to the ticket counter is quite long. The International Terminal in San Francisco is the size and warmth of an indoor football stadium.

But once I reached the counter, limping from Multiple Sclerosis, I just asked for wheelchair assistance. At the airport I had traveled from a day earlier, I simply got out of my limo next to curbside check-in, checked my bag and asked for a wheelchair and one was there withing 3 minutes.

In San Fran, after getting my boarding pass I was instructed to go sit another 100 feet away and wait. Someone would be by "shortly." After 20 minutes and watching numerous wheelchair attendants go by I again inquired where my chair was. I was told it would be another 30 minutes as they were backed up. Since I didn't have another 30 minutes I informed the ticket counter attendant that "I'm going to walk to my flight and if I fall down I'm going to sue this airline." And off I went limping towards security.

Before I arrived at TSA's torture apparatus, someone from the airline, a supervisor I think he said, nearly tackled me from behind and asked me to get in the chair he had commandeered. I said, "This isn't your job is it?" and He said it wasn't. He went on to explain that the city had a contract with a union to provide wheelchair service at the airport and that the union-staffed company didn't have sufficient resources (weren't getting paid enough graft, er taxpayer money). He was likely breaking union rules and risking a grievance to get me to my flight but didn't want me blaming the airline.

So isn't that wonderful? San Francisco is sacrificing the safety and comfort of the disabled to appease some union.

While in flight, a flight attendant came to my row and asked, "Does someone here require assistance when we land?" 'That would be me," I responded. "There will be someone waiting on the ramp when we land." she said. And sure enough there was. The airline didn't want to get blamed for the whole San Fran mess.

Don't ever let some sniveling liberal lecture you about compassion and care of the less fortunate because the fact is, they really don't care. They just think government will handle everything and they can pass more laws to force people to take care of each other.

Jesus said, "Love your neighbor." Who was my neighbor that day? The guy from the airline. He treated me well and even made sure I'd be taken care of at the other end. The mayor of San Francisco ad his union friends likely pocketed a few bucks on this deal. Jesus has some words for them too.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Hopeless State University

While controversy swirls around Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee's decision to officially rename Christmas, Massachusetts has gone one better.

In a letter to students, the Dean's office at Framingham State University announced that there would no longer be the "tradition" of lighting the "Tree of Hope " opting instead for a "Winter Festival". If it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny, like something from an old Seinfeld episode about Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us.

Here's the letter:
Dear Colleagues and Students,

This year,
Framingham State University will begin a new
tradition. Replacing the Tree of Hope lighting, which the University will not sponsor this year,will be a Winter Festival, scheduled for February 3, 4, and 5. The Winter Festival will be an opportunity for the campus to come together as a community and enjoy winter-themed activities. Plans are currently being made for a ski trip, ice-skating, marathon movie viewing, and more. These activities will complement the University’s Winter Commencement, which will be held on Saturday, February 4.

We hope you will make plans to participate in the Winter Festival activities. More details will follow.


Rita P.
Colucci, Esq.
Chief of Staff and General Counsel
Framingham State University
100 State Street
Framingham, MA 01701
508-626-4529 (phone)
508-626-4002 (fax)
Now the first question that comes to mind is, huh? What's the point? Who celebrates "Winter"? But the point is obvious. There will be no recognition of any religious themed holiday at the end of the year. Even one that alludes to the controversial concept of 'hope' is forbidden.

As offensive as that idea may be, even more offensive is what these same atheistic bureaucrats did when a student was recently killed in a car accident near the campus. They did nothing. Instead, a small group of students organized a prayer service for the family and friends of the student. University officials hid behind their lawyers and fear of religion, only agreeing to let the thing proceed.

Is this what society has come to? Not just hostility to religion but outright phobia of anything that relates to it. The state has morphed into exactly what Orwell predicted, a monolithic, atheistic, cold-hearted subhuman entity afraid of its own people.

Framingham State wasn't forced into this posture through threats or lawsuits. They actually chose to be 'hopeless" this Christmas.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Time For Conservatives to Dump Wal-Mart

I understand the historical support most conservatives gave to Wal-Mart initially. An example of free enterprise and American success, they seemed to be under attack from the left only because their business model was perceived to be anti union.

But politics clouded the dark underside of Wal-Mart. Their everyday low prices came as a result of onerous contracts that put such American staple companies as Rubbermaid out of business. Wal-Mart's contracts favor Chinese manufacturing and advantages so-called "free trade".

We conservatives like to tout capitalism and free enterprise, fairness in business dealing and a level playing field. But the Chinese don't play by these rules. Their forced labor, prison labor, child labor and poor working conditions are not stereotypes. Nor is their choking pollution. China also props up their currency artificially to give themselves an unfair advantage in trade.

There is a sad and dangerous history of our government looking the other way when it comers to China, ever since 1972 when President Richard Nixon "opened Chinese markets". We've heard for a generation about the billion consumers in China who will buy American goods. It was a myth. The only thing America has ever exported to China is manufacturing jobs and intellectual property. If you buy an iPod in China it likely wasn't made by Apple. If you buy one here it was manufactured in China by slave labor.

How does an American company like Rubbermaid compete? With layers of environmental and labor laws piled on them, they don't have a chance.

If you buy cheap goods from Wal-Mart made in China, you're just feeding the problem. You're adding to American unemployment, contributing to the slave labor in China, and as usual, funding an adversary who is plotting to do us harm.

Conservatives need to stop propping up Wal-Mart and start propping up American jobs.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Choose Life - Your Own Depends on it.

Bill and Rita came over for dinner and laughs. Dave and Ellen hadn't seen them in years. Bill and Dave had met at work and struck up a friendship. They had a few drinks after work, went to lunch and talked about life to the extent 24 year olds knew anything about it. They got married within 3 weeks of each other 25 years ago. But from there, they took very different paths.

Dave and Ellen had their first child before their first anniversary, three children in their first five years of marriage and now have seven. They've had their ups and downs, financial and medical, but for the most part are the picture of the happy American family. Two of the boys were baseball stars in high school, the three oldest kids all went to college and have great job outlooks. The younger ones excel in school and are involved in activities like band and sports. And Dave and Ellen have led a life of sacrifice for their children, giving up vacations and free time to make sure the kids get to see all that life has to offer. As well, they have relied on a deep Catholic faith, thankful for all the blessings God has showered on them.

Bill and Rita are childless. They have worked together in their own small business, have traveled, and enjoy nights out with friends and family. They've had their share of struggles. Rita has had breast tumors removed three times and is being monitored for pre-cancerous growths. Bill has high blood pressure, liver damage and precancerous growth in his throat, the result of smoking and drinking. Bill once confided to his good friend a dark secret.

When Bill and Rita were dating, Rita became pregnant on two occasions. They weren't married, had little income, no place to live and hadn't been together long enough to make a lifelong commitment. They decided in each case to have an abortion. No immediate complications were noticed and both went about their lives, eventually getting married, buying a home, and sharing their lives together. They tried to have children but to no avail. They sought fertility help but Rita had internal scarring that prevented pregnancy.

Abortion has many known complications. Among them an increased risk of breast cancer and infertility. Other complications include internal bleeding, subsequent premature births or miscarriages, and depression. There is devastation for the male involved as well. With hopes of a family dashed, reckless behavior can result. Alcoholism and its ravages thwart a career and destroy health.

Bill has cirrhosis, a permanent damage to the liver that will get worse if he doesn't stop drinking. Rita also drinks and smokes and together they seem to have a death pact. I wish I could do something for them but I sincerely believe the "choices" they made early in life sealed their fate.

"Choose life" doesn't only apply to the immediate pregnancy you may be faced with. It is a way to fulfill Christ's promise to you, "I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly."

There are resources for women who have remorse of guilt about abortion, and for the physical and psychological damage it has left too. Project Rachel is one of the better ones.

Pro-Lifer Attacked, All of Us Attacked

1. Pro-life activist beaten, arrested, and accused of bomb plot by police while handing out pro-life flyers at local town fair.

The open hostility and even vitriol by police against pro-family and pro-life citizens in the public square has reached a frightening new level. We're now seeing pro-life activists innocently passing out flyers considered to be dangerous terrorists by police departments.

Peter D'Attilio after the beating
by police.

On August 11, Peter D'Attilio was merely handing out 2-inch-wide pro-life bookmark flyers at a local fair in Franklin, Massachusetts when he was arrested, handcuffed, and beaten by police while his hands were cuffed behind his back.

The police then accused him of conspiring to plant bombs at the event, telling him that pro-life people "are known for that kind of thing." They ransacked his truck with "bomb-sniffing dogs" while he was being held in a cell at the police station. He was charged with resisting arrest and disturbing the peace and now faces 2½ years in jail and hundreds of dollars in fines. He strongly denies all of the charges

He has also been told that as a result of the incident he has been put on a "terrorist watch list."

Peter D'Attilio is a staunch pro-life activist who ironically is known for pacifism and never responding to provocation. He has no history of violence of any kind. But he was also accused by the Franklin police of assaulting the police officers, in addition to resisting arrest. The statements and accusations by the police, including those in the police report (see below), are "full of lies," D'Attilio says.

Peter D'Attilio's "crime" was passing out these 2-inch wide pro-life bookmark flyers.

Disturbing and frightening trend by government and police

The extremely hostile attitude against people with traditional values is not an accident, but is tied to official policy in local police forces. In 2009 a sub-group of the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published a bizarre document warning law enforcement agencies that pro-life and other conservative groups are possible domestic terrorist organizations. The DHS has also encouraged local police departments across the country to work with radical far-left "watchdog" groups such as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The SPLC has compiled an enormous list of supposed "extremists" and "hate groups" which includes the Tea Party movement, US Reps. Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck, the Family Research Council, anti-illegal immigration groups, pro-life groups, various Christian groups and, yes, even MassResistance.

The Franklin police report on the D'Attilio incident (see below) specifically mentions that the police officers were looking for a man who was handing out "a pamphlet about abortion." And they subsequently accused D'Attilio -- with no evidence whatsoever and after beating him -- of threatening to plant explosives at the event.

Prominently displayed inside the police department is a big "No Place for Hate" banner. No Place for Hate is a left-wing nationwide propaganda campaign which teaches that traditional pro-family values are "hate" which must be stamped out. This offensive campaign has been adopted by communities, police departments and even school systems across the country. It's widely opposed by pro-family groups and others.

"No Place for Hate" banner prominently displayed inside Franklin Police Department.

NOTE: Directly under the banner are photos of sex offenders -- an interesting display of "diversity."

Peter D'Attilio's account of incident

Here is Peter D'Attilio's description of what happened:

On Thursday, August 11 at 7 pm I arrived at the St. Rocco fair (an annual Italian festival held on the grounds of St. Mary's Catholic Church in Franklin, Mass.) and handed out pro-life flyers to over 50 teens. They were well received as they thanked me for the info. At 7:45 I went back to my truck for five minutes to say a few prayers. My truck was parked at the corner of Pleasant St. and Queen St., not too far away.

Then I re-entered the fair which was free and open to the public. I gave out the flyers to about six teens who were sitting at a table when two cops approached me. One of them asked, "What are you doing?" I said, "Giving out public service announcements, sir." He asked to see my ID. I said "Why?" (Police are required to have probable cause of a crime committed to demand an ID. I've seen situations where pro-life people, after giving out their IDs, will be immediately given a legal no-trespass warning without reason, and other such harassments.)

He got upset and demanded my ID and said that by law you have to identify yourself to a police officer, and threatened me with arrest. Besides that, he would not give a reason. Then he falsely accused me of having outstanding warrants as a reason to not ID myself. He said that this was private property owned by the church. So I said, "If that is the case then I'll leave right now." He told me not to leave. So I didn't, nor did I make any attempt to.

Assaulted by police

I told him he was illegally detaining me. He then put his hand in my back pocket to grab my wallet, but I also put my hand in my back pocket to hold my wallet, so he gave up trying. That is when he put the handcuffs on me. He claimed I tried to resist that, which I didn't. I remember one of the male teens saying to me, "Sorry" as I was still in front of them.

The cop had me walk over to the curb, then he got behind me. Suddenly I was on my knees as he started choking me. The cruiser showed up and I yelled to the group of teens, "Get the camera out." Then as I was peacefully going into the cruiser the same cop punched me hard in the face without warning or cause, giving me a black eye. I am sure the two other cops who were standing there saw it up close. There might have been more assaults on me between the chocking and the punch, but there are no other bruises and I can't remember since it happened so fast.

At the police station

I told the sergeant who did the booking at the station, Sgt. Manocchio, many times about the assault. He just ignored me. I showed him my swelling eye, and he ignored it. The sergeant asked me six times if I planned to blow up the carnival. I asked, "What on earth gives you that idea?" He said, "You guys are known for that sort of thing. I admit it hasn't happened in a while but there was that guy, Eric Rudolph in South Carolina, who blew up the Olympics about 25 years ago." [NOTE: It was actually in Atlanta, Georgia in 1996.]

When I was put in a cell he came back and asked me again if there was "anything at the carnival that I left that could do great harm to people." I said, "I don't know what you are talking about. I don't know anything about bombs. I've never had that or violence on my record. I don't know anyone who has bombs or used bombs or knows how to use bombs. Where are you getting this?" Then he said, "I gotta go" and left the station for many hours.

Out of jail, into court

When I got out of jail I found my truck had been broken into. The door was left wide open, everything was moved around as if it had been thoroughly searched, both seats were in the forward position, not how I left it, and there was a pair of plastic gloves on the hood of my vehicle.

Six hours later - the following morning - I was in court and got a copy of the police report. It was filled with lies. I went to file an official complaint at the station. They said the chief was there 9-4 and I just missed him, so I should come back Monday. I spoke further with the sergeant who did the booking, Sgt. Manocchio, and he said he knew nothing about the searching of my vehicle. I had a long conversation about my case. He brought in a detective; I didn't get his name. I asked why the cop didn't have a scratch on him if there was a "scuffle" as mentioned in his report. The next day the newspaper police blog said he injured his knee in the scuffle. No mention of it in the police report. Is he changing his story?

The cops also said I'd be getting something in the mail about trespassing against the church, effective indefinitely. "The anti-trespassing order is for life," I was told. Peter Brunelli, who had been running the fair, was apparently involved with filing a trespassing warning on behalf of the church against me. However, since then I contacted the church and explained the situation, and they've lifted that order.

Later -- back to police station & scene of incident

On Monday when I came back to the police station a different cop, Lt. Ryan, spoke with me. I said I wanted to file a breaking and entering report regarding my truck. He said I can't because, though he admitted my truck was searched, he said that there was "suspicious activity by my vehicle" and they had to bring out bomb-sniffing dogs. But he didn't say what exactly the suspicious activity was. The lieutenant also refused to let me speak to the chief of police saying, "Only I am allowed to take your complaint." I said I would like a picture of my eye taken as evidence to your investigation. But he said, "YOU DON'T TELL ME HOW TO CONDUCT AN INVESTIGATION, TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR OWN EYE".

On Wednesday I went back to the church area to take a picture of where the false arrest took place. I was standing on the public sidewalk taking a few photos. Then a man named Frank, who said he is part of St. Mary's pro-life group and who was helping out putting things away at the fair, came over to me and said, "The whole town is talking about how you are on the terrorist watch list." Then, about a minute later, five police cars and at least one additional unmarked car appeared and surrounded me. Even the prosecutor was there in his white shirt and tie. I was accused of trespassing on Church property. But it was obvious that I was only on the public sidewalk so they soon left, though two cars stayed behind to watch me.

Facing jail time and fine over outrageous, false charges

I am very disturbed that I'm being accused of being involved with some kind of bomb plot. I have always remained non-violent, have no history of bombs or bomb threats nor ever owned a weapon or a permit. Nor did I ever look any such thing up on line. I've never even purchased so much as a firecracker my whole life. Even throughout school I don't think I was ever in a fight, needed teachers involved, or anything like that -- which is unusual for most boys. And besides, I would never fight back to a cop because I know they would a put million charges on someone for doing that. Now I'm facing 2½ years in jail and a big fine. I was just handing out pro-life flyers at a Catholic Church event. (I thought I was in friendly territory.) All of these lies and false charges are absolutely outrageous.

Scene of the "crime". The fair was in this field. Peter was handcuffed and brought to police cruiser which had pulled up to foreground area.

Official documents

Police report and also Peter's rebuttal to the statements in it which he points out are false or misleading.

Official criminal complaint and charges against Peter D'Attilio

Peter D'Attilio filed this citizen complaint at the police station on Monday, August 15. So far he has had no answer on it.

Strange local newspaper account

Two days after the incident the Milford Daily News printed one sentence. It mentions a police officer's injured knee -- which was not mentioned in the police report or anywhere else -- supposedly caused by the "scuffle" which Peter insists never happened.

On Saturday, August 13 the Milford Daily News reported:

Newton man charged with disorderly conduct
GateHouse News Service / Milford Daily News
Saturday, Aug 13, 2011

FRANKLIN - A Newton man was arrested Thursday night and charged with disorderly conduct, said police.

Peter Dattilio, 40, of 44 Hancock Ave., Newton, was arrested at 8:01 p.m. at 8 Queen St. An officer injured his knee in a "scuffle" with Dattilio, and Dattilio was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, said police.

Lawyer needed!!

On Friday morning Peter was arraigned in court before a judge. His next court appearance is at 9:00 am on Wednesday, September 28.

Right now, Peter D'Attilio needs a lawyer to represent him and to fight these outrageous charges. He is talking with local pro-family lawyers, but many are reluctant to get involved with this kind of case for fear of retribution from police.

He has also been turned down by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ). But this MUST be fought. It's clear that this is not a popular case, and to do it right won't be particularly easy.

(Our question: What is wrong with conservative lawyers? We've run into this before. You can bet your life that if this were a left-wing issue that THEIR lawyers would be aggressively all over this!)

Make no mistake about it. This will eventually happen to you, and it will be sooner than you think. What's happened to the First Amendment? What about Constitutional rights? The answer: Going out the window unless you help stop it. The totalitarian state is on its way at a very fast clip. Local police departments have more and more power, and are lining up in opposition to citizens holding traditional values.


Is this how police should treat honest citizens who are simply exercising their First Amendment rights? Is this the direction you want America to be going?


These so-called public servants need to hear from citizens:

Stephen T. Williams, Franklin, Mass. Chief of Police

Main Police number: 1-508-528-1212 Police website

Scott Mason, Chairman of Franklin, Mass. Town Council
smason2@comcast.net Town of Franklin website

Getting the pro-life message out. Back in June Peter D'Attilio gives a pro-life talk on Boston City Hall Plaza to kids who had gathered there -- while a "Gay Pride Week" event takes place behind him.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Made in China - Caution Contains Lead

Yup, you heard that right. So, what is this dangerous item. Actually, I went out looking for a spray nozzle for my garden hose. The last one we had was broken enough to spray water all over me.

I went to the local garden supply store and found an array of nozzles to choose from. But they all had the same warning label; "Warning, do not drink wager from this nozzle, contains lead." They also all said "Made in China." Big surprise.

Now I ask you, what purpose would you use a garden hose for that lead exposure would not be a hazard? Would you water your vegetable garden? Wash your car maybe? Fill your swimming pool? Water the lawn where your children and pets play?

The next thing I got to thinking about is how the government in all its wisdom was able to spend enough time and money to require these warning labels on items like this coming in from China. Yet I bet that even with the added cost, it is still cost prohibitive to make safe ones here in the USA. That about sums up what so-called "free trade" has done. We import toxic goods, home products, pet food, toys, you name it, from China, send trillions of dollars their way in a complete trade imbalance, and close down factories here sending more people onto different sorts of government assistance. Then we borrow from China to pay our debts for our bloated government spending on countless failed programs, like helping families with learning disabled children from, well, lead exposure?

Who is representing the good citizens of the USA? Who looks out for us? Certainly not the elected Congressmen who look the other way while these poison goods fill the shelves of Wal-Mart and Target. And certainly not the Chief Executives, the Presidents who talk about fair trade and insourcing during election cycles but then push for even more unfair and imbalanced trade deals once elected.

Nobody is watching out for Joe Citizen anymore, whether it's toys that sicken or choke kids, autos that are built with known lethal flaws, music and movies that are pirated, or social media that's censored, we have a dysfunctional government that just goes along and instead grabs our attention with divisive issues and phony wars to keep our attention off what they're really doing, or not doing.

When will the citizenry finally awake and see what's really going on? Maybe only when it's too late.