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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brown and Coakley clash over terror suspects’ rights

"State Senator Scott Brown, the Republican candidate for US Senate, endorsed yesterday the use of enhanced interrogation techniques - including the practice of simulated drowning known as waterboarding - in questioning terror suspects. The point drew a quick rebuke from the campaign of his Democratic rival, Attorney General Martha Coakley, which said she supports President Obama’s ban on waterboarding."

There couldn't be a more stark difference or a more timely one. Scott Brown, GOP candidate for Us Senator to fill Ted Kennedy's Massachusetts seat believes the Obama approach to the War on Terror is all wrong. Terrorists need to be handled in the military system where "ticking time bomb" information can be extracted quickly and professionally. This is not some academic exercise. It just happened. The Christmas Day panty bomber admitted to training in Yemen with at least two dozen more like him, just before he layered up and was read his Miranda rights. While he sits in jail his intelligence data ages with him.

Democrat candidate Martha Coakley, who once boasted of her tough on crime reputation, has no problem with handling this case in the courts along with 9/11 suspects who will be brought to New York City.

This election is about national security, health care, taxes, out of control spending and every other ill that affects our lives. With Scott Brown in the Senate, there will be a debate on these issues and bad law can be stopped. Without him, the Dmocrats continue their filibuster-proof advantage and streamrollering of the opposition and nthe American people.

This is a winning issue for Brown. He needs to continue to press it.

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