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Friday, January 8, 2010

Ever Green Obama to Pour More Money into "Green" Jobs

Today President Obama promised to pour billions more taxpayer dollars into creating jobs for the so-called green economy. But as the case of Evergreen Solar of Marlborough, Massachusetts shows, there's no guarantee that money handed over to some companies produces American jobs at all.

According to the linked report, Evergreen was given $23 million in grants by the State of Massachusetts for solar panel production and the establishment of their manufacturing plant on the former army base in Devens, MA. But I guess that wasn't as good as the deal the Chinese gave them, a $33 million loan from Chinese government to help cover the expenses of moving into a new plant that the company will lease from a contract manufacturing firm called Jiawei Solar.

As long as the US business climate includes out of control operating costs, health care, energy and taxes, the result of Obama's massive tax and spending programs, you can expect the hemorrhaging of jobs to China and elsewhere to continue. And if that isn't bad enough, our tax dollars are being pumped into the companies that are sending them there.

Evergreen Solar should be enough of a warning.

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