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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Gays Said We Were Nuts When We Predicted Polyamory

Boston Magazine has written an article explaining the practice of polyamory

Adherents call it responsible non-monogamy or polyamory, and the
nontraditional practice is creeping out of the closet, making gay marriage feel somewhat last decade here in Massachusetts.

I call institutional infidelity. And its coming to a neighborhood near you. Cheating is nothing new. But the next thing you're going to hear is how these folks want "rights", the same rights enjoyed by legitmately married persons. When you extend the netowrk of cheaters far enough, you end up with government distributed benjefits for everyone. isn't that socialism? Well, here's a way to get there through "love".

Remember the debate about gay "marriage" in Massachusetts and how the homosexuals called the traditionalists "extremists" and "haters" when it was pointed out that once you redefine marriage for one set of circumstances, any other set become equally valid, including polygamy, incest, bestiality, pedophilia and who knows what else? Well, I guess it wasn't so far-fetched.

Maybe its me but I have this apparently outdated notion of love as including sacrifice for another person. That sacrifice if you're the female means gestating and bearing children and bringing them up in a stable environment. If you're the male, it means putting other first and providing for them while they are going through aforementioned gestating, bearing and rearing.

It's really no surprise that the Globe is promoting this "new" idea. Destruction of western society seems to be their agenda. Whoever runs this outdated medium must have had a horrendous childhood. Now they seem to want the rest of us to share in it.

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