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Friday, January 29, 2010

Illegally Appointed Senator Casts Deciding Vote on Debt Limit

This story is enough to make you tear your hair and gnash your teeth. Nearly two weeks after Scott Brown was elected to fill the vacant US Senate seat from Massachusetts, the Senate voted 60-39 to raise the debt limit by 1.9 trillion dollars.

So did Brown vote for it or did another Republican cross over? No, the fact is, Paul Kirk, who was appointed by Massacusetts Governor Deval Patrick to sit in the late Senator Ted Kennedy's seat until the special election is still in it. Why, you may ask? Because the corruptocrats who run the State of Massachusetts, led by Secretary of State Bill Galvin, in cahoots with the US Congress have stalled the certification of Brown in order to continue their illegal and immoral deeds.

According to the L.A. Times:

"The measure passed 60-39 under ground rules insisted upon by Republicans that required 60 votes to pass it. Democrats and allied independents control 60 seats — for now — and were only able to win the vote because Republican Sen.-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts has yet to be seated."

Now remember, Brown won by over 5% of the vote. The weakly stated reason for delaying certification was to count all the absentee ballots. But there aren't enough absentee ballots in all the ACORN offices in the country to make up the difference. And besides, Brown won handily among veterans and active duty military who represent a fair share of those outstanding ballots.

What's going on here is pure chicanery. Kirk's appointment in itself was a controversial, and I say example of corrupt maneuvering. The law was quickly changed last summer to add the interim appointment when Harry Reid realized he needed the 60th vote to close off debate for an earlier procedural vote in the Senate on healthcare. The same law had been changed in 2004 when the Democratic controlled state legislature realized that if John Kerry was elected president (how much of a long shot was that anyway?) Republican Governor Mitt Romney could have appointed a REPUBLICAN to fill out the term!

Now instead of casting a vote for all the Americans who supported him, Brown is appearing on Leno and Barbara Walters while a usurper casts votes in his place.

No matter where you sit in the political spectrum, I believe everybody is fed up with the rampant corruption, back room deals and waste in our current government. Did we really just spend a million dollars for Nancy Pelosi's entourage to have fine wine and caviar on their Air Force jets during their failed trip to Copenhagen?

It's time to throw the bums out and I mean the corrupt career politician incumbents on both sides. You know who they are. You wanted change? Well you didn't get it.

Massachsetts shocked the world by electing Brown. But there's still an open sewer in Massachusetts called Beacon Hill where the kind of criminal behavior practiced in Washington has been incubating for a genration or more. Three straight Speakers of the House have been indicted and yet the same corrupt ruling party is still in control, scheming their way to keep their grasp on power everyday, handing out no-show jobs to family and friends, fleecing the taxpayers for exhorbitant expense accounts, lifetime salaries and benefits for having "served" the good people of the Commonwealth."


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