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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Moral Bankruptcy of the Anti-Life Crowd

There will be a pro-life ad during the Super Bowl this year. That is unless the bloodthirsty proponents of the world's most immoral business get their way. To even characterize the ad as "pro-life," putting a political character on it, makes a statement about our society, as does the oppositon to it.

According to the linked article on LifeSiteNews.com "back in 1987, [University of Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow's] mother contracted amoebic dysentery while pregnant with him in the Philippines, and doctors recommended abortion. Had Pam Tebow taken that advice, Tebow fans would never have seen the football phenomenon win the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and carry the Gators to victory in two major championships."

What in the ad's content could spur a protest? The opponents wouldn't know since the ad has not been released. No, something more threatening than a distortion is looming - the truth. The fact is, any child, no matter how conceived, can go on to greatness. And no matter how difficult the circumstances of one's conception, the blessings that a life can bring to the world are immeasurable.

A message like that is certainly a threat to those who try to maintain that nascent life is just a clump of tissue and abortion an amoral decision no more serious than getting your teeth cleaned. Tebow's life is all about witness to the beauty and sanctity of every individual and the courage some mothers, no, all mothers display in bearing and rearing children.

And that is the reason for the protest. Because the forces of evil, Planned Parenthood, NOW, and Women's Media Center are all up in arms about the ad.

It was sad to watch the black woman from WMC on Fox News last night. Doesn't she realize the whole point of the abortion industry is to make sure people like her are never born?

The forces of evil that lurk in the shadows, twisting the English language to distort their vile aims have much to fear. An ad like we're about to see could well cause a dramatic shift in public opinion and put evil on the run. The Super Bowl audience is one of the largest annual TV audiences each year. It is family viewing but also reaches nearly every demographic. It is one of the few events where people actually watch the ads.

It is the perfect place for the Tebow testimpny to life. I hope you watch it.

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