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Saturday, January 9, 2010

ObamaCare: Why Private Insurers Like Paying for Abortion

The linked article provides a stark but honest reality about abortion. It's great business for those with so little morals willing to do them. Nowhere in the article does anyone express any moral reservations about the taking of innocent life, the purposeful dismembering of a child in its own mother's womb.

Even the name "abortion" that is thrown around in the debate no longer carries the revulsion it once did. Now its simply a matter of dollars and cents. The slimeballs that currently occupy the halls of Congress continue to funnel the blood money into their campaign coffers and rub elbows with the sadistic lobbyists with no conscience whatsoever.

This year's pro-life march and rally in Washington DC promises to be well attended and largely unreported on by the national press. They've perfected ignorance as they did when ignoring the Tea Party rally. But those who truly believe that abortion is state sanctioned murder and genocide are growing their ranks as the most pro abortion administration in history chips away at the rights of the pre-born. And nobody is paying them to go and make themselves heard.

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