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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Punished With a Baby

This Friday, on the 37th anniversary of the constitutionally flawed and disastrous ruling by the Supreme Court in Roe vs. Wade, tens of thousands of people marched on the Capital to defend the personhood and humanity of the unborn. Amid new polls showing large majorities now consider themselves pro-life, and with a divided Supreme Court, the crowds for the annual March for Life only get larger and more enthused.

At the same time, we are now in the second year of the most radically pro abortion president in history. From Obama's appointment of ethically challenged Kathleen Sebelius to the head of Health and Human Services, to Kevin Jennings, the openly gay founder of GLSEN as the "safe schools czar", basic Judeo-Christian morality has never been more threatened.

But don't tell that to these protesters. With great hope and conviction, those who would gladly "be punished with a child" marched while singing and praying for the end to this holocaust. And where does this hop come from? Well first of all it comes from a belief in the basic goodness of humanity. Those who believe in the sanctity of life from conception to natural death believe this is instilled in our very makeup, and that abortion is just another result of man's fallen nature, a weakness in the moral fabric resulting from sin. Nobody told them that abortion is wrong. They felt it from the time they were born. And they believe that even those who profess otherwise know the truth.

This year, with the health care reform debate raging, there was more urgency than ever to let people know that the vast majority does not support taxpayer funding for abortion and
that funding Planned Parenthood as a quasi-federal agency is not going to be accepted by the masses. Among the many contradictions in this historic presidency of Barack Obama is the glaring truth that Planned Parenthood's roots go back to the eugenic philosophy of Margaret Sanger who among others, wanted the elimination nof the black race. Her legacy is alive and well as abortion clinics continue to be established in black poor communities and black are disproportionately represented among those receiving abortions. Some remember that before James O'Keefe made his now famous undercover recording exposing ACORN, he did a likewise explosive expose of Planned Parenthood accepting donations specifically targeting black babies.

Sadly, only a few black leaders have picked up on the fact that their community is being targeted by a blatantly racist conspiracy to wipe them out.

So the marchers come, they make their point, and they go back about the task of eliminating the evil scourge of abortion in our land with renewed hope. this is an epic battle, one that will be won in local, state and federal legislatures and courtrooms. But it will be won. it is the slavery issue of our time and truth is on the side of the pro-lifers.

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