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Monday, January 4, 2010

Stories Not Covered in the Boston Globe

I'm just going to keep a listing here, update it from time to time, and let others comment and add to it as well.

The stories most not covered in te Boston Globe:

ACORN scandal where two amateur journalists visited at least 6 ACORN offices posing as a ******** and a **** (ridiculous you can't use the actual words) asking for help establishing a brothel where they would employ underage illegal aliens. Since the current president was once a lawyer for ACORN and calls their sister organization SEIU his most trusted ally, you'd think the media woud be curious.

Van Jones was brought into the White House as the Green Jobs Czar. A self-described communist/anarchist, Jones also bought into the 911 homegrown terror conspiracy. On tape Jones described how the Obama administration would redistribute the wealth to all the disadvantaged victims from Native Americans to inner city blacks to illegal immigrants through government green programs. One report too many for the White House and Jones was fired. The Globe never mentioned the controversy till after he had resigned, at midnight Saturday on a three-day holiday weekend.

Climategate has been raging in the Internet and new media cable news programs for a month. It has popped its head on network TV to some degree though usually with the liberal slant that it's no big deal that global warming has been exposed as a worldwide conspiracy of intimidation of critics, silencing scientists with opposing views, manipulating analytical charts, disposing of raw data and in the case of NASA violating the Freedom of Information Act. As dying media outlets like the Boston Globe continue to march in lockstep with the Obama Marxists, they lose more and more credibility. Investigative journalism is dead here.

Kevin Jennings, Obama's safe schools czar is a local product. He's also founder of GLSEN, the organization responsible for the gaying of the nation's schools. He has ties to NAMBLA and the porn industry and has been involved in the most vile attempts to indoctrinate children into homosexuality and explicit moves and books. But the Globe is "progressive" and that means pedophilia is just fine with them, unless its practiced by Catholic Priests. If they were in the NEA teacher's union, maybe the Globe would have kept quiet about them too. Many congressmen are calling for Jennings ouster but Arnie Duncan, Secretary of Education and Obama are standing behind Jennings (where it's safe).

I put Fell's Acres on the list. Why? It was covered in detail so many years ago when it happened. Most folks still remember the story of the childcare abuse hoax that was Fells Acres. But the Globe seems to have forgotten one detail, Senatorial candidate Martha Coakley's involvement in making sure the innocent Gerald Amirault never saw the light of day. Her recommendation kept an innocent man in jail so she could hone her reputation as a law and order prosecutor, a "defender of the children" as she boasts in her campaign adds. But the Globe is more interested in going even further back in her opponent Scott Brown's life when he was a pin up in a magazine. Who did he hurt?

The Tea Part Movement is one of the biggest political developments in years. Spawned by ordinary citizens alarmed by the out of control spending in Washington - TARP, Bailouts, Cap and Tax, Health Care "Reform", etc. - folks organized rallies all over the country including a massive march on Washington. Where was the Globe and the mainstream press? Nowhere. If a dozen folks protest the Iraq War on the Boston common, or a six peole shout obscenities outside Holy Cross Cathedral, the Globe is there with a team. But when hundreds of thousands of protesters mass on the Washington Mall with homemade signs, singing peacfully, and giving talks, the Globe doesn't see it as a story.

The First Amendment is one of the most important pieces of law ever written. It was meant to inoculate the people from an all powerful government by ensuring a free and fair press. Somehow, the press has been co-opted by the government, not through force but by a narcotic like siren song that deludes the liberals in the press room into believing that they need to support policies they agree with in the news as well as editorial sections rather than employing basic critical thinking and looking at all sides. The danger to the republic is obvious. Many dangerous movements have arisen with just such a symbiosis between power and press.

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  1. One week before the special election to fill Ted Kennedy's senate seat, the Boston Globe conducted a "poll" and determined that Martha Coakley was ahead by 15 points. At the time, every other poll had the race within the margin of error or with Brown leading.

    The New York Times derided the other polls as not being within NYT standards. CBS/NYT polls rank 30th for accuracy.