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Monday, January 4, 2010

Tilt: Climate Change is Happening!

I watch Science Channel and National Geographic all the time. And I have an engineering degree. Not the stereotypical anti-science conservative the liberals would try to label me.

So I was watching this fascinating program the other night about the Sahara Desert. How did it come about. Seems it is part of a desert system that stretches around the globe from our own Southwest to the Sahara, the Saudi Peninsula across to the Gobi Desert in China.

Clues have emerged in the lst 100 years that the Sahara was not so dry and arid not so long ago in planetary history. Fress water fossils are abundant in the blocks that Egypt used to build their monuments including the pyramids. Fossils of salt water creature also were found in the Sahara, whale skeletons for example indicating the Sahara was once part of the ocean system. Later, human encampments and skeletons were found indicating fresh water lakes. But then something caused a dramatic climate change.

Scientists correlated the shift in climate with a periodic change in the Earth's wobble. A shift in lattitude put the region in the path of high drying winds and direct sun rays. There is still water there, but it is trapped and entombed far below the surface in amounts more massive than our own Great lakes. According to the scientists, the next wobble is roughly 13,000 year away when the area will once again be green and teaming with life.

Isn't it interesting that this climate change, more dramatic than anything envisioned by the Anthropogenic Climate Change crowd, is completely natural? Isn't that what a minority of scientists have been screaming about the current situation? That cycles of cooling and warming occur naturally as a result of ocean currents, volcanoes, and especially solar activity? Phenomena that when they occur have magnitudes more effect than factories cars and cows?

The politicians have co-opted science to their own ends. They have not even been sneaky about it really. It's all about wealth redistribution. And its not going where you think.

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