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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WaPo Still Propagandizing Global Warming Hoax

You can't keep a good hoax down. But as it is more and more discredited, the hoaxers have to adjust some of the conclusions. So while Al Gore misquoted a cringing scientist that the ice caps would be gone in 5 years and got roundly ridiculed, the Washington Post reverted to the more common tool of the warmists that the melting will occur long after most of us are pushing up daisies.

I'll give the Post credit for perseverance under fire. Even as Washington DC is freezing at historical levels, and climategate has made it to most people's attention, they don't give up pushing their favorite anti capitalist rant about anthropogenic global warming. In the same issue as this attempt at alarmist proaganda are the following 2 headlines:

Arctic blast brings parts of UK to icy standstill

Fla. farmers scramble to save crops from cold

One hopes the irony isn't lost on the writers at WaPo. Maybe they are not aware that "arctic blasts" come from the same place they claim the ice is melting? Or that if its cold in Florida, its really cold at the North Pole?

Anyway, its nice to see how strongly some folks hold on to their religion. If only Christians did the same, as Brit Hume says, the world would be a better and warmer place.

I've got to go now and chip some of that global warming off my roof.

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