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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rep. Ryan Puts Dagger into Heart of Obamacare

That this bogus sideshow was never about listening to each other or about compromise was never made more clear than when Rep. Ryan gave this detailed analysis of the costs of the Senate bill. Note how at the conclusion of his talk, Obama quickly moves to change the subject. The last thing the Democrats wanted was a discussion on the facts. Instead they rolled out all the sob stories they could find on how the evil insurance companies worked people over.

The Republicans are now in a political win-win situation. If the bill passes, it will be a massive failure and only the Democrats will have voted for it. If it doesn't pass it will be a huge political defeat for the Democrats who wasted a year in hearings and legislative sessions on a bill that nobody wants, does not rescue the economy, does not create jobs, does not make the nation safer and blows the budget for a generation to come.

Anyone who wants to really know the implications of this horrid legislation need only watch this video.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birthplace of Barack Obama

OK. I know its a hoax. But I just liked the photo and admire the Photoshop artistry. By the time this presidency is over, folks will be looking for a way out. The birther movement may just provide the ripcord needed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Generation Zero - The Trailer

I have only seen this trailer and read the reports on Breitbart's Big Hollywood site but it looks worth taking a closer look when it's available. From Big Hollywood:

New media entrepreneur Andrew Breitbart will provide introductory remarks regarding this epic film. ”Generation Zero,” which debuted at a special screening at The National Tea Party Convention in Nashville earlier this month has been receiving high-praises from the media and public alike, who have seen it. “There have been some highlights at the Tea Party Convention… one of them was the screening of ‘Generation Zero’, a smart and comprehensible look at the results of fiscal irresponsibility,” states John Avalon for The Daily Beast. “Generation Zero blew the roof off The Tea Party Convention,” exclaimed Jesse Watters of FOX Nation And, Andrew Breitbart of breitbart.com, called ‘Generation Zero’ “remarkable”…and “insightful.”

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fighting for ACORN - Barack Obama in His Own Words

Something Dirty in Holder's Justice Department

I previously wrote about the Eric Holder's handling of terorism and the troubling issues it raises in Holder is a big problem. My point was that he had worked for a law firm that defended GITMO detainees and may have a conflict of interest when it comes to the prosecution of terror suspects.

Now we learn that the Justice Department has hired 9 other attorneys who defended terror suspects. And Holder refuses to name them.

Byron York reports in the Washington Examiner that:

"At a hearing three months ago, Sen. Charles Grassley raised the possibility of a conflict with Attorney General Eric Holder.

Grassley, a senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, posed three simple questions: Who are they, who did they represent, and what are their duties at the Justice Department today?

At the time, Grassley knew from press reports that two high-ranking department officials now working on detainee issues had previously worked for detainees: Principal Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal once represented Osama bin Laden's driver, and Jennifer Daskal, an official in the National Security Division, worked on behalf of detainees at the liberal organization Human Rights Watch.

"This prior representation, I think, creates a conflict of interest problem for these individuals," Grassley said, asking Holder to supply the names of all political appointees who had represented or advocated for detainees, the cases they worked on, and their terror-related responsibilities in the Justice Department."

This pattern from Eric Holder shows contempt for process and the American people who's representatives are tasked with oversight of the Executive Branch. It is an abuse of power to simply fail to comply with Congressional requests such as Sen. Grassley has made.

Holder is a dangerous loose cannon. But don't look for him to removed anytime soon. He carries out the wishes of his master just fine.

Abortion Coverage in the Obamacare Bill

On Monday morning, February 22, 2010, President Obama unveiled a “new” health care reform proposal, purporting to combine ideas from the Senate-passed bill, the House-passed bill, and Republican proposals. However, a careful examination of the White House proposal (which lacks actual legislative language) and statements made by members of the Obama Administration during a health care conference call on Monday reveal the truth – the “new” proposal is simply a modified version of the anti-life bill that passed the Senate on Christmas Eve. Read the rest here

The Ugly and Deadly Abortion Business

Abortion always involves the death of a human being. Sometimes it involves the deaths of two. But in all cases, abortion increases the risk of breast cancer, infertility, internal bleeding, depression and even death.

Yet in the federal health care proposal, massive amounts of funding to Planned Parenthood, America's abortionist, are included.

When will the people of America wake up to the corruption and intrinsic eveil of the abortion industry? And when will politicians finally stadn up to it?

Joe Bastardi Takes Down Global Warming Hoax

I nearly jumped out of my chair watching the debate on Bill O'Reilly's show last night between Joe Bastardi and Bill Nye. A quick search of the web tells me I wasn't alone. Nye got his lunch eaten. When I get the video, I'll post it here. Fox knows they have something good so it's not released for distribution yet.

First of all, when somebody starts their interview on global warming with either the phrase "the evidence is overwhelming" or "the science is settled" or "all scientists agree" they've lost the argument. Next, Nye relies on data from the IPCC even as daily revelations of fraud, distortion and just plain badly biased science leak out of there on a daily basis.

With his first chart and explanation, Bastardi takes down the whole bogus global warming argument with well spoken and researched facts about normal climate cycles.

First he shows that he accurately predicted the harsh winter of 2009-2010 that global warming fanatics are blaming on man-made CO2 emissions:

Next he shows the reasons behind his forecast and how the causes are easily determined without resorting to the-sky-is-falling bogus politics of the AGW crowd:

Nye is left with the usual dribble about CO2 and man's impact on the environment even as Bastardi shows the statistical correlation being weakest for that cause:

Now I'm a bit of a statistical nut and looking at these numbers I'd say the chances of CO2 causing climate change is about as strong as concluding that bugs cause cracks in roads because I see them on roads with cracks. And that's a good summary of the AGW crowd - a bunch of crackpots.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who Will Lead?

OK. I enjoyed the Glenn Beck speech at CPAC as much as any I've listened to in a long time - maybe since Rush Limbaugh's speech there last year. But that's the problem. I'm waiting for a real leader to emerge who push these ideas forward. Someone who understands that the political establishment is ripping us off for their own gain. But the only leaders stepping up are radio and TV personalities.

I get it when the Tea Party folks say they are not about personalities and that a single leader will not emerge from that. The problem is that someone will step in and fill the leadership void created by their movement.

Do we want to see another John McCain as the lesser of two evils option for President of the United States? The array of candidates that seems to be lining up is the same group we picked from last time. Each has enough warts on key issues like immigration, health care, spending, life, or national security to be disqualified from consideration.

I mean, seriously has anyone actually looked at Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts? On social issues he's to the left of most Democrats.

Beck is right. The Republicans blew it and do not deserve another shot at leading. Not until the big spenders and phonies that destroyed our economy last time are all gone. Otherwise, you're just voting for a wolf in sheep's clothing instead of a wolf.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Telling Poll From WaPo

You can't make this stuff up. I don't know if the writer of this article intended satire but that's how it came across. Start with the opening paragraphs:

"He's too detached and cerebral . Too deferential to Congress. Too willing to compromise . And he's too much of a law professor and not enough of a commander in chief, as Sarah Palin recently admonished.

These are some of the qualities for which the president, rightly or wrongly, is criticized. They are also the qualities that make him well suited for another steady job on the federal payroll: Barack Obama, Supreme Court justice."

Can you still call someone "cerebral" who can't put a sentence together without fourteen "uh's" if not reading from a teleprompter? Would an aspiring justice run off to Copenhagen to shill for his Chicago cronies to get an Olympic bid?

I was searching for something light for the blog today. The poll results from the WaPo provided it. 83% of the respondents couldn't pick something from the list that Obama was qualified to do, starting with the job he currently has.

Oh well, how about community agitator?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Obama Sends Dalai Lama Out With the Trash

I think we can safely say the left has ceded their moral superiority on human rights. Afraid of offending their Chinese banker friends, they block the press from their meeting and then send their holy guest out the side door where the trash is sent.

How Did the NEI Miss Iran By So Much?

I seem to recall the Boston Globe and the rest of the Lame Stream Media breathlessly reporting the 2007 National Intelligence Estimate that claimed Iran had stopped nuclear weapons programs in 2003. It was used as a weapon to bludgeon President Bush on his Iran policy.

Now with terrorist sympathizer Muhammad El Baradei out of IAEA, we suddenly learn what we new all along. Iran is moving full steam ahead to put a nuclear warhead on a missile so they can threaten the entire region.

And at the same time, SOS Hillary Clinton announces that military options are "off the table".

Not for Israel they are not.

The big underlying story is why the National Intelligence Estimate missed so badly Iran's capability and intent to continue their nuclear weapons program. Is our intelligence community so badly compromised by either incompetence or political bias that they are willing to put out potentially false and misleading data that could endanger national security?

Someone should be fired if they are still operating in government this way.

Senator Scott Brown on Cavuto

Thursday, February 18, 2010

CBN Exclusive: Five Muslim Soldiers Arrested at Fort Jackson in South Carolina

Gee I sure hope General Casey issues another stunning declaration like the one at Fort hood: "And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty

CBN News has learned exclusively that five Muslim soldiers at Fort Jackson in South Carolina were arrested just before Christmas and are in custody. The five men were part of the Arabic Translation program at the base.

The men are suspected of trying to poison the food supply at Fort Jackson.

A source with intimate knowledge of the investigation, which is ongoing, told CBN News investigators suspect the "Fort Jackson Five" may have been in contact with the group of five Washington, DC area Muslims that traveled to Pakistan to wage jihad against U.S. troops in December. That group was arrested by Pakistani authorities, also just before Christmas.

Coming as it does on the heels of November's Fort Hood jihadist massacre, this news has major implications.

Stay tuned to this blog for more details.

Uh, I Agree With Joe Biden...

Obama's Czars: Who Are They and How Are They Doing?

It's pick your favorite czar time. Mine is Kevin Jennings, assigned as the "Safe Schools Czar". He is the founder of GLSEN, radical gay organization intent on indoctrinating school children in the normalization of homosexuality. There are numerous petitions calling for his ouster. But I think when you read the entire list of these Obama appointees you'll find radicals from top to bottom. Removing any one won't do much. Removing the one who appointed them is what's needed. Still, feel free to Google and of their names and you'll get a sense of their past activities and present difficulties. A picture of deep socialist and left wing Marxist leanings will emerge that doesn't bode well for the next 3 years.

1. Afghanistan-Pakistan Czar - Richard C. Holbrooke
A.K.A. - US Envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan

2. AIDS Czar - Jeffrey Crowley
A.K.A. - Director of the Office of National AIDS Policy

3. Bailout Czar - Herbert M. Allison Jr.
A.K.A. - Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability

4. Border Czar - Alan D. Bersin
A.K.A. - Assistant Secretary for International Affairs for the Department of Homeland Security and Special Representative for Border Affairs

5. Car Czar - Edward B. Montgomery
A.K.A. - Director of Recovery for Auto Workers and Communities

6. Climate Change Czar - Todd D. Stern
A.K.A. - Special Envoy for Climate Change

7. Cybersecurity Czar - Melissa Hathaway
A.K.A. - Director of the White House Office of Cybersecurity

8. Domestic Violence Czar - Lynn Rosenthal
A.K.A. - White House Advisor On Violence Against Women

9. Drug Czar - Gil Kerlikowske
A.K.A. - Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy

10. Economic Czar - Lawrence H. Summers
A.K.A. - Head of the National Economic Council

11. Economic Czar II - Paul Volcker
A.K.A. - Chair of the President's Economic Recovery Advisory Board

12. Education Czar - Arne Duncan
A.K.A. - Secretary of Education

13. Energy Czar - Carol M. Browner
A.K.A. - Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate Change

14. Food Safety Czar - Michael Taylor
A.K.A. - Special Assistant to the FDA Commissioner for Food Safety

15. Government Performance Czar - Jeffrey D. Zients
A.K.A. - Federal Chief Performance Officer

16. Great Lakes Czar - Cameron Davis
A.K.A. - Special advisor to the U.S. EPA overseeing its Great Lakes restoration plan

17. Guantanomo Closure Czar - Daniel Fried
A.K.A. - Special envoy to oversee the closure of the detention center at Guantanamo Bay

18. Health Czar - Nancy-Ann DeParle
A.K.A. - Director of the White House Office of Health Reform

19. Information Czar - Vivek Kundra
A.K.A. - Federal Chief Information Officer

20. Intelligence Czar - Admiral Dennis Blair
A.K.A. - Director of National Intelligence

21. Latin-American Czar - Arturo Valenzuela
A.K.A. - Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs

22. Mideast Peace Czar - George Mitchell
A.K.A. - Special Envoy to the Middle East

23. Mideast Policy Czar - Dennis Ross
A.K.A. - Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for the Central Region

24. Pay Czar - Kenneth Feinberg
A.K.A. - Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation

25. Regulatory Czar - Cass R. Sunstein (Believes that your pet should have the right to sue you in court)
A.K.A. - Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs-designate Office of Management and Budget

26. Religion Czar - Joshua Dubois
A.K.A. - Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships

27. Safe Schools Czar - Kevin Jennings
A.K.A. - Assistant Deputy Secretary, Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools

28. Science Czar - John Holdren (Believes in giving trees, and other inanimate objects legal standing in the courts)
A.K.A. - Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the President's Council of Advisers on Science and Technology

29. Stimulus Oversight Czar - Earl Devaney
A.K.A. - Head of the White House's Recovery Act Transparency and Accountability Board

30. Sudan Czar - Scott Gration
A.K.A. - Special Envoy to Sudan

31. TARP Czar - Elizabeth Warren
A.K.A. - Chair of the Congressional Oversight Panel for TARP

32. Technology Czar - Aneesh Chopra
A.K.A. - Federal Chief Technology Officer

33. Terrorism Czar - John O. Brennan
A.K.A. - Deputy National Security Advisor

34. Trade Czar - Ron Kirk
A.K.A. - United States Trade Representative

35. Urban Affairs Czar - Adolfo Carrion
A.K.A. - White House Director of Urban Affairs

36. War Czar - Douglas Lute
A.K.A. - Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan

37. Water Czar - David Hayes
A.K.A. - Interior Department Deputy Secretary

38. Weapons Czar - Ashton Carter
A.K.A. - Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology & Logistics

39. Weapons of Mass Destruction Czar - Gary Samore
A.K.A. - Special Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, Proliferation, and Terrorism

40. Mark Lloyd - FCC diversity Czar (Fairness Doctrine Restoration)

41. Van Jones - Green Jobs Czar - Resigned

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Easily Fooled Voters and Deval Patrick

Say you lived in a state where the legislature is controlled by a veto proof majority in both houses. And just for argument's sake, say the last three Speakers of the House have been indicted for corruption resulting in removal of each.

And let's for argument's sake also say that other members of the controlling party have been caught in corruption stings, one who was photographed stuffing bribe money into her bra. And let's say that another member of the legislature was a vocal proponent for tax increases but after the increase in sales tax was passed, this guy was caught traveling to New Hampshire to buy the same product he just advocated a tax increase for.

Then along comes a candidate for governor who promises real "Change You Can Believe In". Sound familiar? You could almost call the guy Obama 1.0 by the slogans and promises he made that got him elected. He was going to "change the way government works" and lower property taxes, lift the burden on the middle class, create jobs, yada, yada, yada.

But when Deval Patrick, Democratic Governor of Massachusetts proceeded to run amok, who's fault was it? The corrupt party in control is the Democratic party. And someone actually thought you would get change by electing an executive from the same party? And with all our universities and colleges we're supposed to have a high number of so-called intellectual elites? Instead of voting HIM in, you should have voted THEM out!

Deval Patrick is a disaster. A perfect prototype of the same disaster going on in Washington. Why, his good friend Barack Obama even lifted the same campaign slogans and promises. And the land of the gullible bought the idea that one party rule would lead to bipartisanship, better government, and lowed deficits and taxes. Surprise!

We were supposed to be wiser to such empty suits taking over our government in the age of blogs, talk radio and the whole social networking thing. But the old media still carries the day in electoral matters. Or so we thought until Scott Brown broke the biased New York Times - Boston Globe monopoly on political reporting.

Still, it worries me that folks can be so easily misled into believing anything. Deval Patrick should have been a warning but instead was touted as a positive example of the power of change. As they say, "how's that change working out for you, Massachusetts?"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Election Year Chutzpah From Niki Tsongas

From Worcester (MA) Business Journal:

"U.S. Rep. Niki Tsongas, D-Lowell, will host a Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce small business roundtable in Ayer Wednesday, specifically to discuss policies behind job creation and economic growth.

In a press release, Tsongas said she plans to use the information gathered at that meeting to mold new job creation efforts developed by lawmakers.

She also said that she plans to hold similar discussions with other business leaders throughout the Fifth Congressional District in the coming weeks to "make sure that the voices of local businesses are being heard.""

If you read my previous post "Why Niki Tsongas Needs to Go" you would know that she voted for the TARP Bill that was supposed to get credit rolling to small businesses so they could hire new workers or keep existing ones and failed to the tune of a few million jobs. She also voted for the so-called Stimulus Bill that was to spend $787B on "shovel-ready" jobs. Only 20% of the money ever got spent and the only jobs were in government to oversee spending the money.

She also voted for Obamacare with its new fees and taxes that wll further burden small businesses. And she voted for Cap and Trade which is nothing more than a huge energy tax disguised as environmental legislation to solve a problem that has since been exposed as a hoax.

But it's an election year and Scott Brown won the 5th district of Massachusetts handily claiming 27 of 29 towns. So Niki is going to hold some meetings to make it look like she cares as much for jobs as she does for the liberal progressive agenda she's been voting for.

If you fall for it, you deserve what you get.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Which VP Do You Find More Credible on Iraq?

Why Niki Tsongas Has To Go

My story isn't remarkably different from millions of Americans who have tried to work with their elected officials only to find arrogance and detachment.

When the TARP bill was being proposed and rushed through Congress, I wrote to my congressman about my concerns. It seemed we were being told there was a financial crisis but its parameters were only disclosed in vagaries. If we didn't pass this massive bailout we were told, the credit for business would freeze up and millions of Americans could lose their jobs. The cause they said was that housing prices had dropped precipitously and people who had taken out loans too big for their personal finances to handle were going into foreclosure as a result.

My concern was that the bill only dealt with the symptom of the problem by loaning massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to failing banks with absolutely no oversight and no provisions to address the underlying causes of the problem. We were told that as the money came back it would go to pay back the debt, to the taxpayers from whom it was lent.

My congressman wrote back with the typically condescending form letter about why she would vote for TARP. It addressed none of my concerns and sure enough, millions of jobs were still lost and nobody knows exactly where the bailout money went. Now as banks repay some of the money, Congress and the President are looking to funnel it to other priorities as though it wasn't borrowed from us taxpayers in the first place.

Next came the Stimulus Bill which again was rushed through Congress as a means to stem rising unemployment. I again wrote to my congressman and protested that the money would not go to creating jobs but would instead be a massive pork bill where every Democratic congressperson would funnel money to pet projects and special interests. Sure enough, unemployment skyrocketed, the money has disappeared into imaginary projects and districts, and we taxpayers footed the bill, not just now but for generations to come.

I also wrote to my congressman to insist she vote against the Cap and Trade Bill. No credible climate scientists (if there are any left) are claiming that cap and trade has any effect on improving the environment. Rather it is a job killing business tax in a time the economy is under great stress. The result of my letter? Another condescending "mother-knows-best" form letter about why my congressman will ignore me and public opinion and vote for this scam which is government appropriation of the same Ponzi scheme to put the leaders of Enron in jail.

Then health reform came to the House of Representatives for a vote. The people had been promised that "all ideas" would be listened to and then the House Democrats voted down every amendment proposed by Republicans. They formulated the bill behind closed doors with insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, Planned Parenthood and trial lawyers. Left out was tort reform which is universally recognized as vital to containing costs. And competition across state lines was also not included.

Like most congressmen, my representative held town hall meetings last summer. She heard the same objections I raised in my letters and dismissed each one, went back to Washington and did as directed by Nancy Pelosi and the liberal special interests.

I expect that as new initiatives like immigration reform come up in the future, it will be more of the same. In each case referred to above, public opinion was against the Democrats and their radical expansion of government. But they plowed ahead anyway, seemingly believing that we inferior beings will just take it and continue to vote them back in. Along the way we discovered that today's congressmen don't write the laws, they outsource that. And the laws come back so voluminous and written in such legalese that the congressmen don't read them either. So they don't write laws, don't read laws and vote how they are told by a few in the leadership working with (or for) special interests.

Well, I say ENOUGH! I'm supporting Jon Golnik for Congress against Niki Tsongas. And not just with my vote. For the first time, I'm going to get involved and do all I can to make it happen. If I don't I have only myself to blame for what comes next. And if it just goes back to Republicans growing the debt and enriching themselves and their friends? I'll work to vote them out too next time till we get it right.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

End of the Kennedy Myth

The Kennedys turned the idea of "service" on its head. Self-service is more like it. Despite amassing a fortune through the illegal bootlegging trade, they seldom parted with a dime of their own, earning the tag of being cheap even to lowly waitresses and bag claim attendants.

Rather than sharing their wealth, the fed at the public trough as royalty. Their congressional seats were bought and reelections seen as entitlements.

The first sign of their impending fall was when Caroline was snubbed in her quest for a royal appointment to Hillary Clinton's New York Senate seat. With zero qualifications for the job, she still thought it would be handed to her.

Patrick thought himself bigger than the Pope, asserting that he knew more about Catholic theology in matters of faith and morals. The resulting slam-down wasn't pretty.

And as the government takeover of health care falters, an initiative described as Ted Kennedy's lifelong dream, it appears the clout he once enjoyed has not extended past his death.

The fact is, there was no mystique to begin with. John and Bobby Kennedy's accomplishments belonged to a different time. The myths that grew up around them long since dispelled.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Obama Rescues Iraq With Bold Surge Strategy

With so little accomplishment since being elected to the presidency, it's no wonder that Joe Biden is touting the success in Iraq as a victory for the Obama administration. But the timing is odd coming the day before Iran claimed to join the nuclear club.

More odd is that anyone who watches even the biased left wing news shows would know that both Biden and Obama vigorously opposed the strategy that caused this success in the first place.

Here's a good rundown from Jacksonville.com:

The hypocrisy of the Obama Administration is exceeded by no one in the history of the presidency. But let’s face it:

· Couldn’t make the transparency thing work

· Couldn’t make his promises on employment work

· Couldn’t make the stimulus work

· Couldn’t make the destruction of the best healthcare in the world work

· Couldn’t make the closing of Gitmo work

· Personally campaigned in 3 state elections and couldn’t make that work

· Couldn’t make the cash for clunkers work

· Actually the only things that have worked has been sneaking his real agenda into bills, an agenda the majority of Americans do not want

I am sure though his Minions and Sycophants will be enthralled by is prescient wisdom and leadership in Iraq to bring this success to the Iraqi’s and Americans despite that evil George Bush doing all the wrong things.

Me thinks that where Obama is concerned Pogo was right when he said, “that leadership is seeing a parade and running like hell to get ahead of it!”

Here are videos that indicated what Obama and Biden really believed before they believed they created the success of Iraq!