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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Easily Fooled Voters and Deval Patrick

Say you lived in a state where the legislature is controlled by a veto proof majority in both houses. And just for argument's sake, say the last three Speakers of the House have been indicted for corruption resulting in removal of each.

And let's for argument's sake also say that other members of the controlling party have been caught in corruption stings, one who was photographed stuffing bribe money into her bra. And let's say that another member of the legislature was a vocal proponent for tax increases but after the increase in sales tax was passed, this guy was caught traveling to New Hampshire to buy the same product he just advocated a tax increase for.

Then along comes a candidate for governor who promises real "Change You Can Believe In". Sound familiar? You could almost call the guy Obama 1.0 by the slogans and promises he made that got him elected. He was going to "change the way government works" and lower property taxes, lift the burden on the middle class, create jobs, yada, yada, yada.

But when Deval Patrick, Democratic Governor of Massachusetts proceeded to run amok, who's fault was it? The corrupt party in control is the Democratic party. And someone actually thought you would get change by electing an executive from the same party? And with all our universities and colleges we're supposed to have a high number of so-called intellectual elites? Instead of voting HIM in, you should have voted THEM out!

Deval Patrick is a disaster. A perfect prototype of the same disaster going on in Washington. Why, his good friend Barack Obama even lifted the same campaign slogans and promises. And the land of the gullible bought the idea that one party rule would lead to bipartisanship, better government, and lowed deficits and taxes. Surprise!

We were supposed to be wiser to such empty suits taking over our government in the age of blogs, talk radio and the whole social networking thing. But the old media still carries the day in electoral matters. Or so we thought until Scott Brown broke the biased New York Times - Boston Globe monopoly on political reporting.

Still, it worries me that folks can be so easily misled into believing anything. Deval Patrick should have been a warning but instead was touted as a positive example of the power of change. As they say, "how's that change working out for you, Massachusetts?"

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