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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Government Assisted Suicide - The Health Care Bill

The people in the line above waiting for healthcare might as easily be Democrats looking for jobs. Because if they pass the health care reform bill using sneaky procedural moves that require only 51 votes in the Senate, they will surely see an historical shift in power in the fall elections.

It's becoming cliche to call the Congress "tone deaf" but as Sen. Evan Byah said, if they didn't get the message after the Scott Brown election in Massachusetts, they never will.

Nancy Pelosi said she'll break through the gate, pole vault the fence and other nonsense to describe her determination to bypass the will of the people to pass this bad law. She may find voters just as determined to get to the polling booth to vote her and her crooked cronies out if this bill passes.

Consider the shift that occurred when Hillarycare failed in 1993. Republicans took control of the House and laid the groundwork for their eventual takeover of the Senate. But if Brown can win Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts, there is almost no safe seat in the House or Senate this fall for the Democrats. Short of granting amnesty to millions of illegals immigrants, and getting their not so assured votes for it, or passing the universal voter fraud act that they have proposed, there is almost no hope of stopping a sweep in the next one or two election cycles at least.

So go ahead and sign on to your suicide pact, the Obamacare bill. And do so as sneakily and corruptly as you wish. It is likely your last act as a member of Congress.

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