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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

If You Can't Beat 'em, Silence 'em

It has become quite clear that the only way liberal progressive policies can advance is through the censoring of opposing views. That's because their arguments and policies are too weak to ever win over a seizable majority. Remember, all most people knew about Barack Obama was that he was promising "Hope and Change" and he wasn't George Bush. Each day that goes by and the people get a closer look at what his polices are is another day of declining approval ratings.

So what is his response? In a talk with the Democratic leadership, Obama told them to stop watching cable news and listening to talk radio. He previously has said Fox News is "not a real news station." Apparently the people didn't get the memo since in polls they've said Fox is the most trusted name in news.

On climate change, Al Gore, the High Priest of Global Warming refuses to even debate his critics. And now we know why. Most of the climate change consensus is built on fraudulent data, suppression of dissent, and marginalization of critics. With an open debate, or a curious media, one learns the Himalayan glaciers are not melting away before our eyes, the ice caps are bigger by the size of California than the data shows, the 'hockey stick" looks more like a mountain range, periods of CO2 increase follow, not lead periods of warming, measurements have been gamed to exclude arctic regions in Canada and Russia, and most of the political leaders pushing for Cap and Trade schemes own interests in companies that would benefit from them.

Then there's the hot button issue of abortion. The pro-abortion folks have been very successful at controlling the entire dialect around abortion. It's not baby killing, it's pregnancy termination. Not killing but a woman's choice and control over her own body. Why they've even managed to get it classified as preventive medicine in the health care bills in Congress.

But look what happened when someone threw a curve at them in the form of a pro-life ad for the Super Bowl. Without even seeing it or knowing its exact content, the feminazis who run regimes built on blood like Planned Parenthood, NARAL and NOW all swung into action to try and suppress this dangerous message. They circulated petitions, sent their media spinners out to cable and national news outlets and did everything but set themselves on fire. Of course, in doing so they created exactly the media buzz and backlash the producers of the ad hoped for.

On a smaller stage in Ohio, the Speaker of the House of Representatives refused to give acknowledgement of an achievement to a young girl because the award was related to her pro-life activities. Similar awards are routinely given out. But the abortion blood money funded Democratic politician couldn't find it in his heart (if he has one) to do his job in this case and act like a human being. Once again, the only way liberals can compete is by silencing their opponents in the debate.

In the Obama administration in places that control the airwaves, are appointees that have advocated for the regulation of talk radio and cable news. Behind the scenes they work to find ways to tilt the playing field in their direction. When the Supreme Court ruled that the McCain-Feingold campaign finance law violated the First Amendment of the US Constitution, these minions of censorship swung into action. They immediately filed new laws to restrict contributions from Republican leaning corporations but not Democratic leaning Planned Parenthood.

Toying with our free speech rights is a losing cause though. If they really ant to win the battle of ideas, they just need to come up with some that have popular support.

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