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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Joe Bastardi Takes Down Global Warming Hoax

I nearly jumped out of my chair watching the debate on Bill O'Reilly's show last night between Joe Bastardi and Bill Nye. A quick search of the web tells me I wasn't alone. Nye got his lunch eaten. When I get the video, I'll post it here. Fox knows they have something good so it's not released for distribution yet.

First of all, when somebody starts their interview on global warming with either the phrase "the evidence is overwhelming" or "the science is settled" or "all scientists agree" they've lost the argument. Next, Nye relies on data from the IPCC even as daily revelations of fraud, distortion and just plain badly biased science leak out of there on a daily basis.

With his first chart and explanation, Bastardi takes down the whole bogus global warming argument with well spoken and researched facts about normal climate cycles.

First he shows that he accurately predicted the harsh winter of 2009-2010 that global warming fanatics are blaming on man-made CO2 emissions:

Next he shows the reasons behind his forecast and how the causes are easily determined without resorting to the-sky-is-falling bogus politics of the AGW crowd:

Nye is left with the usual dribble about CO2 and man's impact on the environment even as Bastardi shows the statistical correlation being weakest for that cause:

Now I'm a bit of a statistical nut and looking at these numbers I'd say the chances of CO2 causing climate change is about as strong as concluding that bugs cause cracks in roads because I see them on roads with cracks. And that's a good summary of the AGW crowd - a bunch of crackpots.

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