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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Megyn Kelly Takes Down Gloria Allred Over Tebow Ad

This Fair and Balanced debate turned ugly in a hurry (see guest on the right) when Kelly called out Allred for her obvious publicity stunt. Allred made no sense, did not have a grasp of the law and couldn't explain why someone wouldn't be allowed to tell their story from their own perspective. Allred, along with her allies at NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and NOW can't seem to support a woman's right to choose when the choice is to have a baby and celebrate life.

It's obvious what this controversy is all about. The forces of evil are scared to death that when this ad is shown to such a massive audience, it will have a major impact. Not only does the Super Bowl draw one of the biggest annual worldwide audiences but it's one of the few programs where people actually watch the ads closely. With all the hub bub, this none will garner as much attention as the game if not more.

A dirty little secret all these death fanatics don't want you to know is that when a mother's life is in danger, she can go to a hospital and they will save her life even if it means taking the life of her baby even where abortion is illegal. And you don't need a filthy, rat infested Planned Parenthood clinic, staffed by some med school flunk out in some poor black neighborhood to do it. They only specialize in killing healthy people.

Gloria may have picked the wrong ambulance to chase on this one. By the time Kelly got to the pro-life guest she had already done his job for him. She showed a bias for good reasoning.

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