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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Moon Program Cut - Real or More Obama Games?

The local school systems have a process they go through to get the budget increase they want despite Prop 2-1/2 which restricts the mount of increase in taxes. They pick some popular program or personnel to cut from the budget knowing there will be a public outcry to restore it.

Some years it's the bus system. Sometimes it's a sports program - but not curling or field hockey since there's not much of a fan base for those sports. No, it would be football or basketball. Or it might be that favorite science teacher or Advanced Placement programs.
And they'd like you to believe that they've cut the budget to bare bones before making these "painful" cuts so that you go along with the lifting of the tax cap. So when Obama announced the cut of the NASA moon program, I immediately thought I smelled a rat. When you consider that baked into this historically massive budget are programs most people don't even know about, many of which only came about through the stimulus bills, it seems odd to me to be cutting such a popular program as space exploration.

It may be legitimate. Liberals killed the original Apollo Program with their demagoguery about "we can send a man to the moon but we can't feed the starving children in Africa." How did that work out?

I remember staying up as a 9 year old in 1969 and watching the first moon landing. It was a source not only of great national pride but global awe. The years since that great accomplishment always struck me as stuck in neutral, circling the planet with little sense of purpose.

But the idea of moving back out into space, and using the Moon as a platform for further adventure appeals to me as well as a large constituency. And Obama knows that. He also knows that large constituencies in Florida, Alabama, Texas and California will pressure him and Congress to keep the program intact.

And so that's why I have little doubt he's setting us up for a massive tax increase, as well as bloated budget deficits. He's playing us. Because after a year, it's become quite apparent that's all he knows.

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