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Friday, February 12, 2010

Obama Rescues Iraq With Bold Surge Strategy

With so little accomplishment since being elected to the presidency, it's no wonder that Joe Biden is touting the success in Iraq as a victory for the Obama administration. But the timing is odd coming the day before Iran claimed to join the nuclear club.

More odd is that anyone who watches even the biased left wing news shows would know that both Biden and Obama vigorously opposed the strategy that caused this success in the first place.

Here's a good rundown from Jacksonville.com:

The hypocrisy of the Obama Administration is exceeded by no one in the history of the presidency. But let’s face it:

· Couldn’t make the transparency thing work

· Couldn’t make his promises on employment work

· Couldn’t make the stimulus work

· Couldn’t make the destruction of the best healthcare in the world work

· Couldn’t make the closing of Gitmo work

· Personally campaigned in 3 state elections and couldn’t make that work

· Couldn’t make the cash for clunkers work

· Actually the only things that have worked has been sneaking his real agenda into bills, an agenda the majority of Americans do not want

I am sure though his Minions and Sycophants will be enthralled by is prescient wisdom and leadership in Iraq to bring this success to the Iraqi’s and Americans despite that evil George Bush doing all the wrong things.

Me thinks that where Obama is concerned Pogo was right when he said, “that leadership is seeing a parade and running like hell to get ahead of it!”

Here are videos that indicated what Obama and Biden really believed before they believed they created the success of Iraq!




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