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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rep. Ryan Puts Dagger into Heart of Obamacare

That this bogus sideshow was never about listening to each other or about compromise was never made more clear than when Rep. Ryan gave this detailed analysis of the costs of the Senate bill. Note how at the conclusion of his talk, Obama quickly moves to change the subject. The last thing the Democrats wanted was a discussion on the facts. Instead they rolled out all the sob stories they could find on how the evil insurance companies worked people over.

The Republicans are now in a political win-win situation. If the bill passes, it will be a massive failure and only the Democrats will have voted for it. If it doesn't pass it will be a huge political defeat for the Democrats who wasted a year in hearings and legislative sessions on a bill that nobody wants, does not rescue the economy, does not create jobs, does not make the nation safer and blows the budget for a generation to come.

Anyone who wants to really know the implications of this horrid legislation need only watch this video.

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