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Monday, February 1, 2010

Suspicious Handling of O'Keefe Incident

The media has had a field day with ACORN accuser James O'Keefe's recent arrest in New Orleans. As reported on BigJournalism.com, Andrew Breitbart's new project exposing left wing media bias, they've accused o'Keefe of everything from wiretapping to breaking and entering to the 9/11 conspiracy.

But some other interesting facts have begun to trickle out. According to Breitbart in an interview on Fox News with Meagan Kelly today, O'Keefe was held 28 hours before he was given access to an attorney. To put that in perspective, accused Al Qaeda member and airplane bomber wannabe Abdulmutallab had a lawyer within hours of capture by Eric Holder's Justice Department. Breitbart also observed that Bertha Lewis, the head of ACORN, was on TV claiming O'Keefe's arrest vindicated ACORN in some way.

Now there is no evidence that O'Keefe was entrapped that I know of, that he didn't walk into Sen. Landrieu's office with intent to do something other than offer a campaign contribution, but the whole thing smells. Holder's JD has so far not lifted a finger to investigate or prosecute ACORN despite their obvious conspiracy to commit serious crimes including tax fraud and sex trafficking.

But here's a freelance journalist being charged with trespassing with intent to commit a felony? I keep seeing the picture of the armed Black Panthers standing vigil over a polling place in Philadelphia on election day and remembering that Holder's JD saw no crime there.

The left was fanatical about their insistence that Bush's Attorney general John Ashcroft was evil and was ripping up the Constitution.

And they were even more crazy over Alberto Gonzolez. But what we're seeing in Eric Holder is a completly politically driven, leftist socialist AG who has decided that he is the law and on any given day will do whatever he beieves in his own interest rather than the law or the country.

Holder is dangerous - to the country, to political opponents, to almost everyone except America's enemies, terrorists and rogue nations who support them.

James O'Keefe likely has been caught up in something much bigger than he knew. The corruption of an entire justice system that will steam roll over its opponents in broad daylight.


  1. Hahaha. Oh man, this is so rich. I love that you mention how people went crazy of Gonzolez, and then call Holder "completely politically driven". Oh man. This is so hilarious. Do you even know anything about what happened during the bush years in the JD? And you are calling Holder politically driven? He isn't even worth mentioning compared to what happened the eight years prior. The ACORN stuff was people. People doing and saying stupid things. If they are going to look into some organizations that are criminal, maybe look into the ones getting the most of our tax money. Say Haliburton and subsidiaries, the military mercenaries we hire, etc...who we have proof have lied and given false information to our government on MANY MANY occasions.

  2. I get it. You're punning on the Word "rich" as in Mark Rich, right?

    OK I admit it. I posted the link to this article in enemy territory, Huffington Post. So I would expect comments like the one above. Halliburton? Are you kidding me. Where's the reference to Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and FoxNews?

    Repeat after me Obama Nation - "The last 8 years! The last 8 years! The last 8 years!"

    Surely you can do better...