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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Telling Poll From WaPo

You can't make this stuff up. I don't know if the writer of this article intended satire but that's how it came across. Start with the opening paragraphs:

"He's too detached and cerebral . Too deferential to Congress. Too willing to compromise . And he's too much of a law professor and not enough of a commander in chief, as Sarah Palin recently admonished.

These are some of the qualities for which the president, rightly or wrongly, is criticized. They are also the qualities that make him well suited for another steady job on the federal payroll: Barack Obama, Supreme Court justice."

Can you still call someone "cerebral" who can't put a sentence together without fourteen "uh's" if not reading from a teleprompter? Would an aspiring justice run off to Copenhagen to shill for his Chicago cronies to get an Olympic bid?

I was searching for something light for the blog today. The poll results from the WaPo provided it. 83% of the respondents couldn't pick something from the list that Obama was qualified to do, starting with the job he currently has.

Oh well, how about community agitator?

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