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Monday, February 8, 2010

Things I'd Like Obama to Be For

With the winning streak Barack Obama is on, supporting losing candidates in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts and more recently picking the Colts to win the Super Bowl, I've been thinking about the things I'd like him to show more support for:

1. Al Qaeda. By being more open about his support for Islamic terror, it would surely collapse. But by declaring the War on Terror over and just a police matter, I fear we're in for some more rough sledding.

2. Abortion. Obama has claimed that he wants to see fewer abortions. Yet his actions are obviously the opposite. Making something free usually doesn't make it go away. But if he announced support for baby killing, I'm sure it would end.

3. LA Lakers and New York Yankees. Living in the Boston area, I'd like to see the Celtics and Red Sox thrive. With an Obama endorsement, the New York teams wouldn't have a chance. i'm hoping for some carryover for the Colts endorsement as well so the Patriots have a clear shot to the Super Bowl next year.

4. Chinese Communism. We know he likes it but he just isn't public about it enough. The Chinese economy is growing and political oppression increasing. But if Obama said he favored the Chinese system, I'm confident it would collapse. Remember how he sent a letter to the rulers of Iran expressing hope for constructive dialog right before they rigged their own elections and sent Iran into a tailspin? He could do the same for China.

Now all you bloggers out there, feel free to add some of your own.


  1. I'll take exception to #3. I think he should endorse the Cowboys and Red Sox.

    Perhaps he should go full-force on supporting the rights of the States over the Fed, and the Constitution?

  2. But as usual, I did it backwards...He should continue to ignore the rights of the States and the Constitution. lol