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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who Will Lead?

OK. I enjoyed the Glenn Beck speech at CPAC as much as any I've listened to in a long time - maybe since Rush Limbaugh's speech there last year. But that's the problem. I'm waiting for a real leader to emerge who push these ideas forward. Someone who understands that the political establishment is ripping us off for their own gain. But the only leaders stepping up are radio and TV personalities.

I get it when the Tea Party folks say they are not about personalities and that a single leader will not emerge from that. The problem is that someone will step in and fill the leadership void created by their movement.

Do we want to see another John McCain as the lesser of two evils option for President of the United States? The array of candidates that seems to be lining up is the same group we picked from last time. Each has enough warts on key issues like immigration, health care, spending, life, or national security to be disqualified from consideration.

I mean, seriously has anyone actually looked at Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts? On social issues he's to the left of most Democrats.

Beck is right. The Republicans blew it and do not deserve another shot at leading. Not until the big spenders and phonies that destroyed our economy last time are all gone. Otherwise, you're just voting for a wolf in sheep's clothing instead of a wolf.


  1. You miss the whole point of the Tea Party protests if you dismiss them for not having a leader.

    First, the most important thing the Tea Parties can do (and are doing), is to reconnect the great unheard masses with the political process. Get them to be a little more involved than just checking (D) and (R) when they vote, also get them to sniff out those who should have the other letter after their name but falsely claim one or the other because of the district or state they're running in (Juan McLame is a case in point).

    Second, the politically entrenched class (Carvel, Clintoon and the like) have already come out and said they want to identify and destroy the leaders of the Tea Party movement, so if we annoint a leader, we will have to watch that person be ravaged by a completely hostile and biased press.

    Best for now to have the movement build strenght, let the commentators point out what direction it should take, identify those who would try to co-opt it and educate those who don't understand it.

  2. My beef isn't with the Tea Party movement. It's my fear that the political establishment will co-opt it to their own ends. They are expert at sticking a finger in the air, adopting the language of discontent and then governing the same old way.

    That Ron Paul won the straw poll is telling. But if one examines even his record on earmarks you'd be shocked to find he has no problem with bringing the bacon home to his district and even defends the practice.

    Huckabee is a nice guy but would burden taxpayers with immigration reform.

    Pawlenty talks a good game but what's his real record in Minnesota? Did the budget stay balanced? Did he make painful cuts? He says he did.

    My point is where do we find someone to put this into action? If a leader doesn't emerge, the hacks will pick another pitiful candidate like McCain. They're already scheming in the shadows.