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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why Niki Tsongas Has To Go

My story isn't remarkably different from millions of Americans who have tried to work with their elected officials only to find arrogance and detachment.

When the TARP bill was being proposed and rushed through Congress, I wrote to my congressman about my concerns. It seemed we were being told there was a financial crisis but its parameters were only disclosed in vagaries. If we didn't pass this massive bailout we were told, the credit for business would freeze up and millions of Americans could lose their jobs. The cause they said was that housing prices had dropped precipitously and people who had taken out loans too big for their personal finances to handle were going into foreclosure as a result.

My concern was that the bill only dealt with the symptom of the problem by loaning massive amounts of taxpayer dollars to failing banks with absolutely no oversight and no provisions to address the underlying causes of the problem. We were told that as the money came back it would go to pay back the debt, to the taxpayers from whom it was lent.

My congressman wrote back with the typically condescending form letter about why she would vote for TARP. It addressed none of my concerns and sure enough, millions of jobs were still lost and nobody knows exactly where the bailout money went. Now as banks repay some of the money, Congress and the President are looking to funnel it to other priorities as though it wasn't borrowed from us taxpayers in the first place.

Next came the Stimulus Bill which again was rushed through Congress as a means to stem rising unemployment. I again wrote to my congressman and protested that the money would not go to creating jobs but would instead be a massive pork bill where every Democratic congressperson would funnel money to pet projects and special interests. Sure enough, unemployment skyrocketed, the money has disappeared into imaginary projects and districts, and we taxpayers footed the bill, not just now but for generations to come.

I also wrote to my congressman to insist she vote against the Cap and Trade Bill. No credible climate scientists (if there are any left) are claiming that cap and trade has any effect on improving the environment. Rather it is a job killing business tax in a time the economy is under great stress. The result of my letter? Another condescending "mother-knows-best" form letter about why my congressman will ignore me and public opinion and vote for this scam which is government appropriation of the same Ponzi scheme to put the leaders of Enron in jail.

Then health reform came to the House of Representatives for a vote. The people had been promised that "all ideas" would be listened to and then the House Democrats voted down every amendment proposed by Republicans. They formulated the bill behind closed doors with insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, Planned Parenthood and trial lawyers. Left out was tort reform which is universally recognized as vital to containing costs. And competition across state lines was also not included.

Like most congressmen, my representative held town hall meetings last summer. She heard the same objections I raised in my letters and dismissed each one, went back to Washington and did as directed by Nancy Pelosi and the liberal special interests.

I expect that as new initiatives like immigration reform come up in the future, it will be more of the same. In each case referred to above, public opinion was against the Democrats and their radical expansion of government. But they plowed ahead anyway, seemingly believing that we inferior beings will just take it and continue to vote them back in. Along the way we discovered that today's congressmen don't write the laws, they outsource that. And the laws come back so voluminous and written in such legalese that the congressmen don't read them either. So they don't write laws, don't read laws and vote how they are told by a few in the leadership working with (or for) special interests.

Well, I say ENOUGH! I'm supporting Jon Golnik for Congress against Niki Tsongas. And not just with my vote. For the first time, I'm going to get involved and do all I can to make it happen. If I don't I have only myself to blame for what comes next. And if it just goes back to Republicans growing the debt and enriching themselves and their friends? I'll work to vote them out too next time till we get it right.

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