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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Can't Keep a Good Hoax Down

Just in the past few weeks it was discovered that the UN's predominant GLOBAL WARMING resource the IPCC committed massive fraud and has distorted basic scientific data to paint an untrue picture.

They tried to hide the decline in temperatures for the last 10 years by switching measurement methods from ice cores to temp sensors.

They knew they had the wrong data for Himalayan glacier melt by 300 years (2350 vs 2035) and didn't alert anyone.

They tried to smooth out data on the warming period from a thousand years ago to make the 20th century stand out.

They removed most of the temp sensors north of the arctic circle.

They reduced by 90% the number of temp sensors in Russia and relied on ones near urban centers.

They tried to suppress opposing views and continue through rag sheets like the Globe to marginalize anyone who questions their dogma.

And now they're going to add another government agency to try and perpetuate the hoax and fraud through sheer state power.

Every motion by Obama and his global allies is a move to redistribute your wealth to themselves and their friends, a small ruling elite that seeks power for its own sake.

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