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Monday, March 29, 2010

All Roads Lead to Tehran

While the Obama administration shrinks from its lofty rhetoric about dealing with Iran and instead tries to force peace in the Middle East through Israeli concessions, it has become clear that Iran is the key to peace, not Israel.

In Iraq, the lingering insurgency is mostly an Iran-backed terror campaign designed to influence the government and to weaken the US. For years it has been reported that the sophisticated IED's in use in Iraq are Iranian made. Further, Iranian money surely fuels the violence.

Likewise in Lebanon, instability comes from Hezbollah, an Iranian proxy set up to strike any foe anywhere but centered in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon. Hezbollah not only keeps Lebanon as a terror state but launches raids against Israel, including the one that led to the Israeli-Lebanese War. The UN brokered cease fire demanded that Hezbollah disarm. They're still laughing at that one as they rearm under the distracted eyes of UN "peacekeepers".

In Gaza, Hamas, another Iranian proxy keeps the Palestinian conflict alive with continued violence either directed against Israeli patrols or civilian targets with their thousands of Iranian made rockets.

And as the US and NATO troops are well aware, there is an Iranian connection in Afghanistan as well. Iranian made weapons are being used by the Taliban and Al Qaeda to kill US and NATO troops, keeping Afghanistan from ever emerging from continuous violence.

Obama can lean on Israel all he wants. The nexus of violence in the Middle East isn't in Tel Aviv. It is in Tehran. And until Obama realizes that and acts against the increasing Iranian threat, there will be no peace.

This summer, as the troop buildup continues in Afghanistan and the troops have yet to depart Iraq, Obama will have Iran completely surrounded with over one hundred thousand troops on each side and two aircraft battle groups on Iran's front steps in the Persian Gulf. If ever there was a time to exert the might and power of the US, it will be at this time.

Peace will only come to the Middle East once the Ayatollahs and their forces are removed from Iranian life. It's up to Obama to act.

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