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Monday, March 22, 2010

How the Democrats Win in November

So how do the Democrats hold onto power despite passing the wildly unpopular healthcare reform law? Do you think they'll just give up their majorities and the presidency and call it a day, proud of their accomplishment?

I don't think so. How did they get into power in the first place? Well it took the usual alliance of the media and the DNC propagating the myth that the Iraq War was a failure combined with their hammering the Republicans over their irresponsible spending and deficits. But with the GOP rendered irrelevant, a new tactic or set of tactics will be needed to hold onto power and don't for a minute think it hasn't all been worked out.

The legislative agenda of the far left begins with health care but doesn't end there. Next up is banking "reform," the continued nationalization of the centers of financial power. TARP was just a warning shot. What comes next will make TARP a distant memory. With control of the lending institutions, money will flow freely into Democratic campaign coffers through special interests like MoveOn.org, Center for American Progress, ACORN, etc.

Even now, immigration reform is heating up again. The Democrats will try to not only grant amnesty to 12-20 million illegal aliens but also speed their path to citizenship. At the same time, they will continue to fight GOP efforts at requiring any identification or proof of citizenship at the polls. As presidential races are typically decided by 1-2 million votes, the Democrats will count on the gratitude of the new citizens to keep them in power.

Per Rush Limbaugh:

"He has come to divide. He has come to conquer. He hasn't failed. He has succeeded," Limbaugh said. "The Democrat Party has been co-opted and is being led by a far-leftist faction who admire and envy people like Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro."

Then he explained what be believes Obama's next move will be: padding voter rolls.

"The next thing that's going to happen is a major push for comprehensive immigration reform. It will be called amnesty," said Limbaugh. "None of this should have been a mystery to anybody.

Think ACORN is dead? Maybe in name but not in practice. ACORN will morph into decentralized community agitators in time for the Fall elections and continue their fraudulent voter registration drives. Where will they get the money? Why from banks more than happy to lend to them while under government control. And manpower? With 17% real unemployment, they won't have trouble recruiting low level staffers like the ones in the famous O'Keefe videos.

Where else do the Dems need to shore up support? The unions. union rank and file have drifted from the Democrats and voted for Scott Brown in Massachusetts. But with the Card Check Bill sure to get revived before November, there will be thousands if not millions more workers added to the union rolls, many of them illegals or new citizens under amnesty.

The GOP has the wind at its back in terms of voter discontent and unease at the left wing takeover of the government. But the Democrats have the cunning and strategy to remain in power. And if there is one thing Washington politicians are good at, its finding ways to cling to power.


  1. Really, do you think Seniors are going to vote for reopening the donut hole?
    Do you think People with pre-existing conditions are going to vote for republicans to drop that protection?
    What about Parents with children under the age of 25, who's employer doesn't provide Health Insurance?

    And do you think Insurance Companies will support republicans if they campaign on the promise of dropping the individual mandate?

    Obama is a d@mn genius.

    Look, when the left lost elections they never blamed themselves, they blamed Diebold or the Supreme Court, the whole list where they never took responsibility.

    And now we are doing the same thing ACORN, Birth Certificate, MSM, Unions etc..

  2. Seniors already closed the donut hole via Medicare Advantage, a program that goes away under Obama-Pelosi care. Further, seniors are more than suspicious how the government is going to find $500B in savings = "death panels".

    The individual mandate will be dropped through court action. That's what the states' lawsuits are about.

    The "genius" didn't look so sharp in the Brett Baier interview. Without a Telepromter or a softball questioner, Obama is exposed as the Affirmative Action student he was.