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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sorry Charlie, Not This Time.

Massachusetts has once again gone against the tide. This time, instead of firing the shot heard 'round the world, as in Revolutionary times, they backfired. In nominating Charlie Baker, a prototypical RINO, they have defied the national rightward trend and instead chosen as liberal a candidate as any Democrat.

But then, why wouldn't they? Republicans have no champions in the local media, save for talk radio. The Boston Globe is to the Massachusetts Democratic party what Pravda was for the Soviet Communists.

In an attempt to attenuate the criticism the Globe will heap on him, Baker selected as his running mate for Lieutenant Governor, Richard Tisei, author of the Massachusetts version of the "Bathroom Bill", aka "Transgender Rights and Hate Crimes" bill (H1728). This put Baker in the awkward position of trying to both embrace his openly gay running mate to gain the support of the pro-family delegates who supported pro-choice Scott Brown, and distance himself from the bill. So Baker put out some sort of statement that he would veto the bill his own running mate was sponsoring which begs the question, why did he pick him in the first place?

But then nothing ever makes much sense in the MassGOP. After all, this state elected Mitt Romney as governor and watched as he enacted both "gay marriage" and Romneycare which has driven health insurance costs through the roof, added to waiting lines at emergency rooms, includes an individual mandate, and was used as the model for Obamacare, opposition to which got Scott Brown elected Senator. Follow me?

There was a Tea Party in Boston a few weeks ago headlined by Sarah Palin. Charlie Baker was so far to the west, he was closer to Albany, NY than Boston. Which is a good metaphor for his ideology. There is no Tea Party candidate in Massachusetts, a historical irony if ever there was one.

So unlike the multitude of lemmings that will vote for Baker simply because he's not Deval Patrick, I'm sitting this one out. Some might say, hey, he's a fiscal conservative and that's better than what we have now. I don't buy it. Maybe pocketbook issues are important enough to some people but my feeling is that government that isn't moral will continue to rob you blind> Just changing the names of the special interests that get the handouts isn't reform. Government that doesn't recognize the right of each citizen to live and breathe and lhave a normal family is bad government.

The next they're going to tell us that we should vote for Mitt Romney for president because "he's not Barack Obama". We already played that game and lost. Romney may not be Barack Obama but he's pretty close to John McCain. And to use a worn out phrase from the last election, lipstick on a pig doesn't cut it.

No to Baker. no to Romney.

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