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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Solution to a Government Out of Control

This federal government has become so bloated and intrusive over the past 20-30 years as to be oppressive. It has overstepped its bounds and is outside the U.S. Constitution that created it. It is largely staffed by parasites and criminals.

We have seen recently the rampant corruption that has allowed elected officials to enrich themselves with inside information that would have jailed the rest of us. They control every aspect of our lives while exempting themselves from the laws we have to abide by. The leaders of both parties in both houses of COngress have been caught with the hands in the cookie jar. And they yawned.

They gave themselves free health insurance and hefty pensions for working less than the rest of us and excluded themselves from the new healthcare laws. The only place where average incomes and home values INCREASED during the recession was Washington D.C. and Virginia counties near it.

They declared our very exhale to be a pollutant and took over-the-counter inhalers away from asthma sufferers. They banned the light-bulb and then tried to make us believe they reversed that AFTER the last domestic light-bulb factory had closed.

They send our tax dollars to Pakistan, Syria, Libya and Egypt where the governments foment hatred against us and our allies. They fund 75% of the criminally corrupt UN where anti-Americanism is the ideology of the day.

They claim it is legal to kill American citizens when they declare them to be terrorists and now say they can detain Americans without habeas corpus. We fought a revolution for that right.

They sell sophisticated weapons to countries that will use them against us but prosecute you of you open a farm stand and sell vegetables to your neighbors.

They feign disagreement on fundamental issues like taxes, spending, abortion, and homosexual rights in order to secure massive campaign contributions from the gullible who think they actually care. They redistrict themselves into perpetual reelection even as their approval ratings as a group drop below 10%.

They argue over the defense of our country while ignoring the unguarded borders here and patrol them in countries most Americans couldn't find on a map. They confuse defense spending with security to prop up a wasteful set of programs in their own districts.

They use education spending as a moral weapon against their opponents while dropout rates increase and the country falls further behind the world.

For these reasons and many many more, I believe simply picking the next-in-line candidate for President will not due. Even the leftist, Marxist, antiwar, community organizer couldn't change the course in Washington or beyond. The only candidate who is talking real and dramatic change, a drain-the-swamp-and-start-over transformative candidate is Ron Paul. The establishment, both parties and the media are scared to death of this guy. They should be.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"Benevolent Liberals" Hurting the Disabled of San Francisco

OK. I started out with an oxymoron - benevolent liberals. But typically, those of the so-called progressive ilk like to call us conservatives mean spirited - don't care about the poor, women, minorities, blah, blah blah.

So the last place you'd expect one of us minorities to get a hard time is one of liberaldom's capital cities, San Francisco.

But there I was trying to get a flight home on unnamed airline that departs from the International Terminal. The first thing this disabled person noticed was there is no curbside check-in. And the walk to the ticket counter is quite long. The International Terminal in San Francisco is the size and warmth of an indoor football stadium.

But once I reached the counter, limping from Multiple Sclerosis, I just asked for wheelchair assistance. At the airport I had traveled from a day earlier, I simply got out of my limo next to curbside check-in, checked my bag and asked for a wheelchair and one was there withing 3 minutes.

In San Fran, after getting my boarding pass I was instructed to go sit another 100 feet away and wait. Someone would be by "shortly." After 20 minutes and watching numerous wheelchair attendants go by I again inquired where my chair was. I was told it would be another 30 minutes as they were backed up. Since I didn't have another 30 minutes I informed the ticket counter attendant that "I'm going to walk to my flight and if I fall down I'm going to sue this airline." And off I went limping towards security.

Before I arrived at TSA's torture apparatus, someone from the airline, a supervisor I think he said, nearly tackled me from behind and asked me to get in the chair he had commandeered. I said, "This isn't your job is it?" and He said it wasn't. He went on to explain that the city had a contract with a union to provide wheelchair service at the airport and that the union-staffed company didn't have sufficient resources (weren't getting paid enough graft, er taxpayer money). He was likely breaking union rules and risking a grievance to get me to my flight but didn't want me blaming the airline.

So isn't that wonderful? San Francisco is sacrificing the safety and comfort of the disabled to appease some union.

While in flight, a flight attendant came to my row and asked, "Does someone here require assistance when we land?" 'That would be me," I responded. "There will be someone waiting on the ramp when we land." she said. And sure enough there was. The airline didn't want to get blamed for the whole San Fran mess.

Don't ever let some sniveling liberal lecture you about compassion and care of the less fortunate because the fact is, they really don't care. They just think government will handle everything and they can pass more laws to force people to take care of each other.

Jesus said, "Love your neighbor." Who was my neighbor that day? The guy from the airline. He treated me well and even made sure I'd be taken care of at the other end. The mayor of San Francisco ad his union friends likely pocketed a few bucks on this deal. Jesus has some words for them too.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

One Hopeless State University

While controversy swirls around Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee's decision to officially rename Christmas, Massachusetts has gone one better.

In a letter to students, the Dean's office at Framingham State University announced that there would no longer be the "tradition" of lighting the "Tree of Hope " opting instead for a "Winter Festival". If it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny, like something from an old Seinfeld episode about Festivus, the holiday for the rest of us.

Here's the letter:
Dear Colleagues and Students,

This year,
Framingham State University will begin a new
tradition. Replacing the Tree of Hope lighting, which the University will not sponsor this year,will be a Winter Festival, scheduled for February 3, 4, and 5. The Winter Festival will be an opportunity for the campus to come together as a community and enjoy winter-themed activities. Plans are currently being made for a ski trip, ice-skating, marathon movie viewing, and more. These activities will complement the University’s Winter Commencement, which will be held on Saturday, February 4.

We hope you will make plans to participate in the Winter Festival activities. More details will follow.


Rita P.
Colucci, Esq.
Chief of Staff and General Counsel
Framingham State University
100 State Street
Framingham, MA 01701
508-626-4529 (phone)
508-626-4002 (fax)
Now the first question that comes to mind is, huh? What's the point? Who celebrates "Winter"? But the point is obvious. There will be no recognition of any religious themed holiday at the end of the year. Even one that alludes to the controversial concept of 'hope' is forbidden.

As offensive as that idea may be, even more offensive is what these same atheistic bureaucrats did when a student was recently killed in a car accident near the campus. They did nothing. Instead, a small group of students organized a prayer service for the family and friends of the student. University officials hid behind their lawyers and fear of religion, only agreeing to let the thing proceed.

Is this what society has come to? Not just hostility to religion but outright phobia of anything that relates to it. The state has morphed into exactly what Orwell predicted, a monolithic, atheistic, cold-hearted subhuman entity afraid of its own people.

Framingham State wasn't forced into this posture through threats or lawsuits. They actually chose to be 'hopeless" this Christmas.